Thursday, April 25, 2024
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Tag: Chrome

The Best Way to Restart Chrome Without Losing Tabs

This inevitably slows down the web pages, and we can end up having to restart Google Chrome

Chrome for iOS gets a new menu redesign and enhanced safe browsing

Google is planning to bring chrome's enhanced safe browsing option that will help track URLs to monitor...

For the first time in eight years, Chrome is changing its logo.

Chrome is changing its logo for the first time since 2014, and if you squint hard, you...

How To Block Annoying Websites On Chrome

Or you might want to protect a child from seeing unsuitable content. Thankfully, blocking websites on Chrome is fairly easy. In this article,

Google Chrome’s newest version improves the speed of your search

If Google Chrome is your default browser, the search results from Omnibox will load four times faster...

How to Stop Autoplay Videos in Chrome, Edge, and Firefox Browser.

On their pages, many websites on the internet use autoplay videos. These are usually revenue-generating advertisements. However,...

How to Follow Websites in Chrome for Android

Google added a new feature to the Chrome browser called 'Web Feed' a few months ago. At...

How To Block Pop-Up Site Notifications On Google Chrome

Instead of pressing on the block every time for each pop-up notification, users can get rid of all the pop-up notifications once and for all by tweaking the notification settings