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Epic uncovers its Epic Games Store has gobbled up $ 500 million

by Joseph Richard
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In the fight in court that has been setting Apple in opposition to Epic Games for a while, all moves are permitted, and the legal counselors of the two players go against contentions that are, as far as we might be concerned, a chance to get familiar with somewhat more about the working of the two organizations.

Productivity by 2027

On account of Epic Games, the reports unveiled by Apple’s attorneys are the most fascinating. While Epic Games attempts to clarify that its Epic Games Store stage is a design very practically identical to the Apple Store, the Cupertino firm doesn’t hear it from that ear.

“The Epic Games Store isn’t productive and isn’t equivalent to the App Store,” have in this manner clarified the legal advisors of Apple ruthlessly before adding: “and it won’t be beneficial for a few additional years, in case it is one day. ” That has the value of being transparent.

To support this assertion, Apple’s lawyers developed and explained that Epic lost about $ 181 million via the Epic Games Store over the entire year 2019. Losses estimated at $ 273 million in 2020, and Epic Games would forecast another $ 139 million in losses over 2021.

Even taking the lowest estimates, Epic Games would have swallowed nearly $ 500 million since 2019 in its Epic Games Store platform, and the publisher does not hope to start making profits until, at best, the year 2027.

While the numbers thus advanced can be impressive, they are not surprising given the offensive launched by Epic Games to impose its platform on players. In addition, the publisher is also remarkably profitable and therefore seems to be able to afford to swallow such sums in the Epic Games Store, which it wants to make a significant player in the distribution of video games.

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