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Should I Track My Child with Their Smartphone or GPS?

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Safety of their children is the first priority of every parent. But they are faced with a dilemma. Should they track their kids using child GPS tracking devices or smartphone apps? We will help you find an answer to that very question in this article.

GPS tracking devices have become a common tool among the civilians. Today the use of GPS can be seen in everything. GPS trackers keep parents updated with real-time location of their kids at all times and also alert them in case of danger. It gives both the parents and the children a sense of security whenever they are at distant places. The market is abundant with devices that specialise in child GPS tracking.

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Smartphone apps on the other hand are already within the reach of every household. And despite the increasing popularity of GPS trackers, children find it easier and fun to use a smartphone. But it can have severe negative effects too. There are some risks of gps tracking as well.

Let us discuss in detail about the benefits of using child GPS tracking and smartphone apps in the following paragraphs. We will also list out the various drawbacks the various devices may have.

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Tracking via GPS Trackers

Benefits of Using Child GPS Tracking

It is tough to look after kids who are full of energy and keep running to and fro. Once you put GPS trackers to use, you can relax comfortably with the knowledge that the location of your child is accessible just at the touch of a button. GPS trackers allow you to create geofences. This means that you will be alerted whenever the device enters or exits the marked area. Once you place the device on the person, you can track their every movement and the routes they take.

It is quite easy to use a child GPS tracking device. All you have to do is charge the device and give it to the person you want to locate. Most GPS trackers come with a panic button which your child can press in case of emergency.

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GPS technology is now used in daily lives for many purposes. And it has an edge over the smartphone apps. Using a smartphone app to track your kids necessitates that you let your child carry a smartphone too. But with child GPS tracking you can track the movements of your kids via smartphone apps without handing a smartphone to them. All you have to do is attach the GPS tracking device to your kids’ bag, clothes or shoes.

Most apps allow you to add multiple GPS trackers under the same account, so you can track all your assets at the same time. You can use child GPS tracking for real-time tracking, current location update, 24-hour travel history, and email or SMS alerts.

Limitations of Using Child GPS Tracking

There are only a few limitations to using GPS tracking devices for the safety of kids. And those too can be solved promptly if given a little thought.

·        Burdensome to Carry: While certain GPS trackers are burdensome to carry there are many portable devices in the market that are smaller than a matchbox. These GPS trackers are both lightweight and easier to attach to your child in one way or the other. Apart from that there are many child GPS tracking devices that come in the form of a watch or band. Not only will your child find it easy to carry but will also love wearing it.

·        Resistance on part of Child: This is totally upon the parents to make the child understand how a GPS tracker can ensure their safety. Also, they could ask the child to wear it for their peace of mind. While many GPS trackers are easy to conceal, we recommend that the parents take the child in their confidence rather than thrusting the device on them unsuspectedly.

·        Not permissible on school grounds: The numbers might be low for now but still there are certain GPS trackers that comply school rules and are permissible within the boundary of the school.

Tracking via Smartphone Apps

Benefits of Using Smartphone Apps

The first plus point of using smartphone apps is the familiarity. Children as well as teens today are already familiar with smartphones and most of them can easily operate one too. The simplicity of smartphone apps makes it popular amid the parents as well as the children. You child can also call you when he needs if he has a smartphone on him. Google Maps is most widely used by people in the 21st century for location sharing.

Limitations of Using Smartphone Apps

If your children don’t use smartphones, then it is no use trying to track them via one. Also, most smartphones are costly and it might not be wise to hand over the responsibility of carrying it to your playschool kid. In addition, many schools don’t permit the use of smartphones on school grounds while certain GPS devices are designed keeping the school rules in mind.

Should you use GPS to track your kids or not?

With the aid of GPS trackers, you could track kids in an emergency and support the police to find the kids if they ever get lost. If we had to name a few GPS tracking devices for children then, Family 1st, AngelSense, PocketFinder, Tintell, My Buddy Tag are quite good options. Some of these trackers come with a band so your child can easily wear it too.

The world is a scary place for small kids. Thus, it is upon parents to ensure the safety of their children without shirking their growth. It is always advisable to discuss with your child first before handing them a GPS tracker so that they don’t see it as an intrusion of their privacy. Many parents agree that child GPS tracking is quite helpful for them and gives them extra help to look after the kids.

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