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How to Become More Productive and Efficient at Work?

We have all seen people in our lives who always seem to get things done before the given time. If it is an hour-long task then they seem to get it done in 20-30 minutes and most of us sit there realizing they are robots or machines because humans cannot work as quickly as they do, yet they are just like us but are more dedicated towards their goals and more productive. 

Being productive isn’t that hard but it is also not that easy. You gotta follow some rules and amalgamate those rules into your life and follow them on a daily basis so that you become productive and efficient. Let’s have a look at some habits that will help you become more productive and efficient at work:

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1. Start Your Day Off With Exercise

To stay productive, you gotta start your day with exercise, whether it is a quick walk, jog, a run down the street, a bike trip, or a visit to the gym, nothing will make you more productive and active throughout the whole day than a good sweat. When you start your day off with exercise then you stay productive throughout the day and it will also make you more energetic and enhance your mood.

2. Take Occasional Naps

Taking naps can be very helpful to improve your productivity. Instead of sleeping for long hours, taking regular naps can be very helpful for productivity. By taking naps, you are allowing your brain and body to rest for a while, giving them ample time to reset before they can function again properly. Taking short naps of 30-40 minutes has been known to be very helpful as compared to sleeping for long hours. 

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3. Create a Schedule/Timetable and Follow it

Creating a schedule and timetable for yourself can also be very helpful. Most people are productive during the early hours of the day, usually from 8 AM -12 PM, and during this time, you should work on the most important things that require your utmost attention. 

After 12 PM, most people get exhausted and this is the time when you should take a nap. After the nap, you can have your lunch and then start working again. Just remember that you gotta set your proper timetable and follow it. Also, try to switch things up every once in a while so you don’t get bored.

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Creating a timetable and following it properly has been helpful for many people because you have to complete every task in its designated task and in this way, you stay more productive. 

4. Prioritize Tasks on Their Importance

Prioritizing the tasks based on their importance can be very helpful. It is a difficult thing to do but can be very helpful to stay more productive. What you do is prioritize the tasks based on their deadlines and importance. If you have a deadline to submit a piece of work then you should do it first and then other things. The more you do work based on prioritizing, the more productive you will be.

5. Take Short Breaks

It is almost impossible to focus on work or something else for 8 straight hours. Even highly productive people cannot focus for eight straight hours. No matter how efficient and productive habits that people have, it is not possible to focus on something without getting tired or distracted.

Research shows that taking breaks is important to stay productive. Even short breaks that are only a few minutes long can be very helpful and they can help you to recharge and come up with new, more creative ideas. Scheduling and taking breaks during work can help you stay productive and fresh during the entire day.

6. Have a Healthy Sleep Routine

You may not know this but your sleep routine has got so much to do with your productivity. If you are not sleeping early, staying up late then you will end up waking up in the morning, sleep-deprived, having no motivation and energy to go to work. 

People who stay up late usually have a hard time getting up in the morning and their morning is not a Good Morning but instead, they have a hard time getting up from the bed, and even during the day, they are usually not in a good mood and also not very productive.

Those people who go to sleep during the early hours of the night instead of staying up will get a Good Night sleep and will wake up the next morning all fresh, ready to go to work and be productive. So, yeah your sleep routine can have a huge impact on your productivity. 

7. Avoid Getting Distracted

While working it is easy to get distracted with email, social media, and other platforms. When you get distracted then not only are you wasting your time but your productivity is also greatly affected and you have a hard time focusing again on the task that you were working on. 

Whether it is an important task that you need to complete within the deadline or just dealing with a smaller task, distractions can hamper your productivity and cause you to become a procrastinator. Just remember that when you are working then the most important thing for you is the task at hand and you should complete it as early as possible, without getting distracted. You can always do other things once you are done with the work. 

8. Hold yourself accountable

When people are being held accountable to someone for doing what they had to do then not only do they get things done but they do it right on time and you should also do the same, make you and your work accountable. 

James Musoba
James Musoba
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