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7 Reasons Why Using a Mobile Cover is Not a Good Choice

This is a debate that has been on for a while and will be going on as long as mobile phones are there. Is using a mobile phone cover a wise choice? Most people have this question and some people support this idea of using mobile phone covers but others don’t! Yes, using mobile phone covers is good because your mobile phone stays protected but there are also several reasons why using a mobile phone cover isn’t the right choice. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons Why Using a Mobile Cover is Not a Good Choice:

1. Heating Problem

A very big disadvantage of using a phone cover is that it causes heating problems. Most people think that using a mobile phone/case reduces the heat & temperature of the phone, but in reality, the whole scenario is different. Whether your phone is made of glass, metal, or plastic, when it is in open contact with air then the heat is exchanged between the surrounding environment and your mobile phone, but if the phone is covered with a mobile case that is usually made of TPU, polycarbonate, or silicone plastic material, then the heat will not come out and exchange, and as a result, the cover may feel cold but from the inside, the phone and its inner components are getting very hot.

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This will have huge problems, especially for people who are into mobile gaming as it causes a temperature rise and if you have a mobile case on then it will damage the battery of the mobile phone and cause it to take a long time to charge. Plus, occasional heating causes performance issues, where the graphics of the phone become very poor and the phone starts to hang or lag.

2. Hides the Beautiful Design and Look

One of the main reasons why cell phone owners don’t want to put a case or cover onto their phone is because it takes away the amazing and glossy looks of modern-day smartphones. Nowadays, any good mobile phone whether it is an iPhone such as iPhone 11, iPhone 12 or Android phone such as the OnePlus 9, Galaxy S21, etc., are all expensive devices and come with amazing looks that are ruined by putting on a mobile case. 

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These expensive devices cost well over $700 and people want to show off the looks of their mobile phones which are unfortunately masked when you put on a mobile case/cover. For example, if you own an iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 then putting on an iPhone 11 Cover or iPhone 12 Cover will hide all its beauty and no one will be able to see the glossy-glass finish of the phone.

3. Extra Bulk

Another reason why cell phone cases/covers are on a downfall is that they add extra bulk to your phone. Yes, sure not everyone has to buy a monster-sized bulky case but the mobile phones seem to be getting bigger in size every year. People are preferring bigger devices over the smaller ones and the bigger devices already have so much weight & bulk to themselves and if you add a phone case to them then it will further add to their bulk. Not only will the phone become relatively heavy and bulky but it will also be difficult to fit such a bulky device into your pocket. 

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4. Minimal Protection Against Scratches

Another major problem with cell phone cases is that no matter how hard you try, somehow scratches can appear on your phone. This is true especially when you go outwards towards the beach or mountains, dirt and sand somehow find their way to get into your mobile case, which results in scratches on your mobile without you even knowing about it. 

The main reason why you bought a bulky mobile case/cover was to protect your expensive mobile phone from damages, scratches and nicks and this mobile case also takes away the looks of your mobile phone when in reality the case isn’t even able to protect your mobile phone against scratches when you go outside.

5. Not Always Protected

Your Mobile Phone may not always be protected against drops and falls if you put on a skimpy phone case. This is generally the buyer’s fault that he bought a cheap mobile case for his phone which will not be able to protect the phone against hard falls and drops. This is a problem when you buy a skimpy phone case that although lets you show off the fancy looks of your mobile phone but isn’t able to protect it.

6. Minimal Screen Protection

The thing about almost every mobile phone case is that almost none of them are able to protect the screen of the mobile phone. Most smartphones don’t come with a screen protector to protect the screen, they are only there to protect the back of the phone. If you happen to drop your phone from the front side and the screen hits a sharp edge then it could result in the screen of your mobile phone being shattered. Most of the mobile phones provide minimal screen protection and unless you have a screen protector on, your mobile phone screen could easily be shattered.

7. Signal Jam

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