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How Do Twitch Users Earn Money?

Of all the ways to make money online, it seems that Twitch is the most misunderstood. The platform is well known as a live streaming service, and has gained enough success to warrant Amazon to acquire the platform in a deal that was close to one billion dollars. That’s all fine, but how do people live streaming on Twitch generate any revenue? 

Everything Depends On Audience Size

As with any type of content creation, any revenue generated is likely to be proportional to audience size. There are several ways that Twitch live streamers try to attract more users to their broadcasts, but StreamOZ remains the most highly effective and easy method. 

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It is important for streamers to get a high number of viewers for their broadcasts because every single method of generating revenue they use depends directly on it. Also, some methods are not possible for smaller channels that have yet to put in the effort to build a fanbase.

Viewer Donation

The first source of income that Twitch live streamers use is direct donations from their audience. These come in the form of Twitch bits, where viewers pay for content they like, or pay to subscribe to premium content from their favorite streamers. Of course, in order to compel a viewer to donate their hard earned cash, streamers must focus on creating high quality content that the mainstream audience wants to watch.

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Affiliate Marketing Programs

Some Twitch users that have a large enough fanbase consider it feasible to sign up for affiliate marketing programs. Of course, this depends on their level of influence on their audience – and can be considered a form of influencer marketing. There is no guaranteed income because they need their audience to use their affiliate links to receive any pay, but it’s worth a shot. Note that affiliate marketing through Twitch is not as popular and widespread as it is in other social media platforms. 

Sponsorships From Brands

If a streamer is able to garner enough attention and gain a large enough following, they are likely to be approached by brands with a sponsorship deal. Of course, the bigger the fanbase, the better the sponsorship deal. Brands approach streamers and employ them as marketers for their brand in order to increase brand awareness and build consumer trust in their product’s quality. This is by far the most lucrative method for live streamers to earn money, but it is not easy to attract the attention of brands – there’s a lot of hard work involved.

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