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Thinking Of Live Streaming? Here Are The Most Popular Content Categories

by James Musoba
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Although on-demand content has been gaining popularity over the past few years, surpassing content on traditional media like TV – live content has begun to feel more unique and many internet users love watching. If you’re thinking of starting a live stream channel on YouTube but you’re unsure what category is best, we’ve done the research for you. These are the categories that internet users (Millenials and Gen Z in specific) enjoy watching the most.

First: Some Basics

Before you decide what type of niche content you want to provide, it’s important to note why you’re creating it. If you’re using live streaming for marketing purposes, you need a different approach than someone who is live streaming as an income source. Nonetheless, you’ll need to build an audience and find ways to get YouTube subscribers to tune into your live streams. Remember that people need to make time during their busy days to stop and watch your content, and they won’t be able to watch it later (unless you upload it separately. 

Gaming: Probably The Most Live Streamed Content

Due to it’s high popularity, this category has millions of viewers all over the world. Other platforms like Twitch are more popular for gaming themed live streams, but there is certainly demand for them on YouTube. You can either broadcast your actual game play, or create content based around gameplay. This could be commentary on upcoming games and your thoughts on newly released ones.

Sports: The Most Popular Live Streams

By far, sports fans consume more live stream content than any other category. The content can be from actual games (of all types: American football, soccer, baseball, basketball, the olympics – anything). Of course, before and after the games, content creators also provide analysis of the upcoming game or the previously broadcast game and commentary regarding the results. Much like you’d find on television sports channels, live streams that are sports themes provide similar content. 

Vloggers: Easiest Content To Provide

Although vlogging was initially meant for on-demand content, many vloggers have found success in live streaming. This is mainly because the content is unedited  and thus requires less production knowledge – even someone who isn’t very tech savvy can handle live streaming through YouTube because all it takes is the tap of a button. Basically, live streaming  is similar to taking a normal video – without all the post-filming editing that on-demand content requires. 

Animal Streams: Popular But Misunderstood By Others

Believe it or not, many people enjoy watching live broadcasts of animals in their natural habitat, or even animals in domesticity. Despite the high popularity of these live streams, people who don’t watch them don’t understand the appeal. They might be interested in watching nature, or they might find it calming. 

Live streaming is growing to be a highly popular category on YouTube, and it is actually very easy to produce. If you’re considering starting a channel focused on live content, then do it now before the competition gets too intense. 

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