How to Find New Releases from Artists You Follow on Spotify.


There are now thousands of artists who host their music and podcasts on Spotify, and with so many new tracks released each week, it can be difficult to find the latest tracks from artists you really like. There was no easy way to know when your favorite artists released a new album or a soundtrack unless you were really into music and followed all the blogs related to the bands and singers you followed.

What exactly is the new Spotify feature?

Spotify has added a new section to its music streaming app for iOS and Android called “What’s New Feed” which will help you spend less time searching for new releases from an artist or podcaster you like. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t check social media very often, this ensures you don’t miss out on any new releases from artists.

Prior to this update, Spotify recommended newer releases from your favorite artists via its Release Radar section – a playlist that was personalized with the newest tracks from your favorite artists, which included both those you follow and those whose stuff you listened to the most.

Although it has been available in the Spotify app for several years, Release Radar has never really taken off because it only showed single tracks from artists rather than entire albums, and the entries were almost always late to the game.

The new What’s New Feed appears to be based on Spotify’s Follow Feed feature, which was tested last year. It foreshadowed a similar dedicated space that displayed new singles and albums by artists you followed.

How to Find the Most Recent Releases by Artists You Follow on Spotify.

  • To use Spotify’s new What’s New Feed, you must first update the Spotify app for Android and iOS.Open the app after you’ve installed the most recent version. If the feature is enabled on your device, a new bell icon should appear in the top right corner of the screen within the Home Tab.
  • When new songs, albums, or episodes are released by artists you follow, a blue dot should appear on top of the bell icon, indicating that there are new releases you may not have been aware of. If there are any new releases since the last time you checked your What’s New feed, the blue dot should appear.
  • If there have been no new releases since your last visit to this section, you will still see the bell icon but without the blue dot.
  • When you open the What’s New Feed, you should see a list in reverse chronological order of all the latest releases from artists and podcasts you follow on Spotify. This means that the most recent release from your favorite artists will be displayed first, followed by older releases (those released before the latest track).
  • You should also be able to see the actual timestamps of the releases so you know when the tracks were released.
  • Releases that you may have checked out in the past but are still relatively new will appear in this list under ‘Earlier.’
  • All entries will be labeled with their type, so you can tell whether the most recent release is a single, an album, an EP, or an episode of a podcast, followed by the artist’s name.
  • Spotify provides dedicated toggles for “Music” and “Podcasts & Shows” to help you filter songs and podcasts. This allows you to see the most recent releases based on the content you’re looking for at the time.
  • When you tap on ‘Music,’ you will only see new tracks and albums from your favorite artists.
  • When you click on the ‘Podcasts & Shows’ tab, you will see the most recent episodes of your favorite speaker or group.
  • If you don’t see a lot of new releases in your What’s New Feed, it could be due to one of two things: either the artists you follow don’t release tracks anymore (or not as frequently), or you simply don’t follow that many artists on Spotify.
  • It’s critical to understand that in order for the What’s New Feed to display new releases, you should actually follow the artist you’re interested in rather than following playlists with songs from them. For example, simply following an artist’s dedicated “This is” playlist on Spotify does not imply that you have followed that artist.
  • To ensure you can see their most recent tracks, go to the artist’s Spotify page and click the ‘Follow’ button.

Depending on how many artists or creators you follow on Spotify, your What’s New feed will be longer.

That’s all there is to know about Spotify’s What’s New Feed.