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Comparison Of The Best Alternatives To Google

Did you know that Google relies on advertising to keep its stocks on the rise? Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on your perspective, you will find Google on almost every gadget, starting with our smartphones, PC and even tablets. Some of the services offered by the Mountain view firm include Messaging, emailing, and surfing the web via their search engine. In short, it is a complete ecosystem controlled by google such that by December 2020, 75% of Smartphone users had an android terminal.

By the way, We are not stressing out that you should leave Google just because the heading of this Article claims so, but because of some compelling reasons, we think there are other great alternatives than Google. First, Google has been going through our email(Gmail account) for several years now. In this case, both the sender and the receiver are affected. Moreover, the tech giant can know which path you use to move from Points x to Y by tracking you online. This is something that we should be afraid of in any case. It doesn’t stop there as the frim also keeps the history of what we search via its search engine, in youtube, and the voice requests on the Assistant. Of course, on their side, the firm claims that they do so to satisfy their customers by bringing the correct information at the right time. However, this speech does not convince many privacy associations, nor most EU countries that have already attacked Google on this subject several times.

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To succeed in Gmail, it isn’t sufficient to go for email alone. Without a doubt, Gmail draws its power from its consistent experience by coworking with Contacts and Calendar. To avoid turning to Gmail again, here are the best Gmail alternatives that will serve you with all the features on the same.


It was developed by engineers from CERN  when they felt the need to avoid surveillance from the Government. This mail allows you to send encrypted emails by using both Private and Public keys. Their servers are located in Switzerland, suggesting that there is no way Google can manipulate them as  Swiss laws protect them. It is also possible to send files that are password protected even if the recipient doesn’t use Proton Mail using Switzerland

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The mail is offered free and a premium version. However, to access some components such as file storage and calendar, you will have to upgrade. Currently, the services can be supported on PC, Android, and iOS.

Google Chrome Alternative

In terms of browsing the Internet using the PC. People using the chrome browser are 66.6% out of others using utilizing other browsers. From this, you can guess who has a lot of power. This means that Google has the information of most people. Remember we mentioned somewhere that the firm knows what you are typing on their search engine.

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It was developed by the former CEO of firefox Brendan Eich who happens to be the inventor of Javascript Language. The brave primary mission is to protect the privacy of its users. It is was designed under the specifications of Chromium, another open-source Project. Because of this, Brave is always in development, making it a stable and fast browser to use. Unlike chrome which forces you to run ads everywhere on the site. Brave utilizes Basic Attention Token(BAT), which you will have to agree on before seeing ads. Still, it gives you the option of canceling the contract even after you have agreed to it. By default, the browser comes with an anti-fingerprinting anti-tracking tool that makes it more secure. Brave offers the synchronization of data anonymously with the simple reading of a barcode or a complex password presented in the form of an unintelligible phrase.


We are not limited when it comes to online storage. It must be noted that this part is a bit more diverse as many individuals are now shifting to backing up their data online. The server of Google drive is located in the united states. Thus, this means that your data is also accessible to the authorities without your Knowledge because of the Patriot Act.


You can pick a BitTorrent-fueled private cloud because you utilize numerous PCs but have one that you rarely use. From crafted by BitTorrent Sync, Resilio Sync is unrestricted. However, at 59 euros, you will open a lifetime permit for premium use for all times and a limitless number of machines. Furthermore, this incorporates precise synchronization. Concretely, the arrangement of Resilio Sync depends on a device hosting every one of your data, which can be to some extent synchronized on every one of your PCs, tablets, or cell phones for offline use. The higher the number of clients (peers), the quicker the synchronization will be. In any case, it should be noticed that the gadget works effectively with just a few online peers.

Disadvantage: You will have to leave one of your PC to act as a server

Google Search Alternative

With 95% market share worldwide, coming up with another alternative to Google’s search is very hard. The site does with it does best to provide us with helpful information every day. The only downfall is that Google knows what we are searching for, our Location, and so much more


This is a Security-focused search engine that came into Limelight back in 2008. Its objective is to recommend neutral query results that are not based on your affinities. Unlike the Google search engine, this one here doesn’t even know how to start tracking you. It is not there from the minute you have it on your device. Some of the request offered by this web search is the web, images, video, news, maps. It uses the DuckDuckBot crawler to rank information on the site, of course with the help from  other security-focused search engines Bing, Yandex, Wikipedia, or Yelp

Google Duo Alternative

For the smartphone part, the company has also been working to take over under this segment.


It was developed by one of the founders of Whatsapp. Many people became known at the start of the year when Whatsapp faced critiques from the Mass due to its new terms and cos. The Application was facilitating messaging, audio, and Videos via end-to-end encryption. It is available in Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux.

Google Map Alternative


This is an open-source project that everyone can contribute to add more information to the Platform. The best part is that it can be integrated with third-party Apps. Currently, this Platform is not complete, but it presents information more efficiently if you get used to it. The best part is that known can track the Oath that you use to navigate while on your way to work or school.

Google Photo Alternative


The Platform is mainly known as a video collection site. However, it supports all file formats and is available on Android and iOS, and gives you the ability to have photos in the background. Like a server but very different from Resillo, Plex allows you to install software that remains in a NAS server more classically.

You can quickly access various libraries such as Series, videos, photos, and movies while using the p. The media on the Platform can be sync from a hard drive or using USB, and you can download your media for offline use. €4.99  a month, €39.99 / year, and  € 119.99 are its plans.

Google Tasks Alternative

Standard notes

The Platform is open source premium and free to use at the same time. The disadvantage of the free version is that you can add images on all platforms. The Platform focuses on security via end-to-end encryption and does not track nor advertise as you use it. The premium plans are at€9.99 / month,€49.99 / year, or€ 149 for five years. To benefit from composition features they are several themes and extensions that you can make good use of. The premium option also adds two-factor authentication and the ability to perform backups on a third-party cloud service.

Google Docs Alternative


The application cloud services such as Box, Dropbox, and Nextcloud a backup. It presents you with adding more components such as a dictionary, WordPress, and the Photo editor. Files are saved in Open Document format. If you are familiar with Excel and Microsoft Word, you are good to go with the onlyoffice.

Youtube Alternative


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