Thursday, May 23, 2024
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7 Interesting Things You Probably Don’t Know Google Search Can Do

Regular searches are helpful, but they don’t even scratch the surface of Google’s abilities. Sometimes, your basic search inquiries may not be

Google Has Launched An App In Kenya That Let’s People Get Paid After Completing Tasks

Google has just launched TaskMate, a crowdsourcing app that lets people use smartphones to do tasks and get paid, in Kenya after a year-long experiment in the East African country

Comparison Of The Best Alternatives To Google

Did you know that Google relies on advertising to keep its stocks on the rise? Unfortunately or...

Google Parental Control Features You Should Use To Make It Safer For Your Kids

Google has some parental control features that parents can implement to at least help reduce the volume of unsuitable content that ends up in search results.

Desktop Google Search Gets Dark Mode

Google started working on dark mode for Search on the web soon after it introduced the feature...

Tweets to be more visible on Google search results

Search engine Google has partnered with Twitter to make to have tweets more visible online ending the...