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iPhone: Satellite connection will only be used for emergency calls and messaging

by Joseph Richard
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Yesterday we reported that the next flagship Smartphones from Apple would be equipped with a satellite connection for communication. However as of today, new information has developed. According to Bloomberg, the chance of this feature to be integrated on the next iPhone is very Minimal. Satellite communication will only be used in cases where an emergency has occurred.

Minimal functionality to save more lives

Many of us imagined a smartphone that could access internet connections outside the jurisdiction of  Mobile Operators when Ming-Chi Kuo commented on the arrival of satellite communication. However, according to our sources(Bloomberg), the Cupertino firm is working on this technology, but it will be minimized.

Apple wants many iPhone users to send emergency calls and messages via satellite in areas without network coverage. A feature that is necessarily important and life-saving. Moreover, it does not stop here as another component will report significant emergencies such as a ship sinking and aircraft crashes using the satellite connection.

The information from Bloomberg suggests essential details regarding how this connection will be facilitated. It will be available in the messaging applications directly as a third-party protocol. The message’s background color code will be gray, blue for iMessage, and green for standard texting.

Last but not list the length of the text that you will send will be limited. This functionality does not matter even if the receiving party has set “Do Not Disturb Mode.”The message will be sent and shown because it is urgent(Emergency)

Not this year

This technology of satellite communications will not be integrated into the iPhone 13, expected in September. At least according to Ming-Chi Kuo, this technology will be available before 2024. Howver here is the catch, even if what Bloomberg claims comes to pass, not all regions of the world will see this dream.

Finally, the source recalls that this functionality is still in the testing phase. Nothing official was announced. Thus, there is always the risk of being radically changed or even abandoned if the results are not what Apple expects.

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