Home Entrepreneurship Nigeria’s Motomedia Launches First Interactive LED Billboard in West Africa

Nigeria’s Motomedia Launches First Interactive LED Billboard in West Africa

Nigeria’s Motomedia Launches First Interactive LED Billboard in West Africa

Motomedia , Nigeria’s innovative and award winning Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising company has made history by launching ‘The AI Screen’, globally recognized as the first-of-its-kind interactive outdoor- LED Screen in West Africa in its quest to change the face of advertising.

According to a Press Release by the company which also started operations in Nairobi recently, The AI Screen is an outdoor advertising screen that would provide brands a platform to engage, interact and personalize campaign messages directly to their target audience in real time.

The release added that the newly deployed interactive digital billboard also provides insights into audience profiling and behaviors to deliver targeted and effective campaign results.

The AI Screen has been placed at the heart of Lagos mainland, strategically located at the Maryland T- Junction facing heavy vehicular and human traffic, with a massive reach for brands wishing to utilize the platform to showcase their products or services in an experiential way.

The record-breaking billboard interacts with traffic facing three (3) different directions. First with one of the most popular bus stops on the mainland, second with the famous Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, and thirdly with Ikorodu and Kosofe road connecting major parts of Lagos State. In addition, one of noteworthy landmarks in view is the foremost Nigeria’s independent tunnel.

Speaking  about the monumental and historical achievement, the Chief Executive Officer of Motomedia, Mr. Henry Orajiaka said the AI Screen with its interactive features gives advertisers the ability to spend campaign budgets more effectively and target audiences based on behaviors.

Mr. Orajiaka added that the screen also provides location-based consumer insights and data analytics which was an innovation from the OOH ads, which until now were primarily sold based on media type and location.

He said, “This innovative solution from Motomedia has the potential to exponentially increase campaign effectiveness for advertisers by deploying personalized content and targeting OOH spend based on consumer behavior. Furthermore, the AI Screen provides brands with the flexibility to pay per exposure.”

‘’We are providing brands the opportunity to personalize, engage and interact with their consumers one-onone. It is the first time this is happening in the OOH space in West Africa. What we have done is scaling the most effective form of advertising which is word-of- mouth, just like your friend would tell you to buy a certain product over another and you would.”

‘’This billboard can speak to individuals like, ’Hey! You in a white benz, go grab a cup of Nescafe cause it’s about to rain’ or ‘Hey! Its lunch time, don’t forget to order your meal from Jumia.’’

He concluded, “Motomedia continues to deliver on its commitment to continuously innovate, create value and foster growth by bringing this first-ever capability to the market for its esteemed customers, business partners and all industry stakeholders. It has definitely been exciting, and gratifying and we believe this initiative will bring true business value to Brands.”

Motomedia recently bagged two awards, the most Customer Focused Outdoor Advertising company of the year at the Nigerian brands Award 2021 as well as the most Innovative Outdoor Advertising company of the year at the 2021 House of Twitch ICON Awards.