The Galaxy Watch 4 also has the right to its walkie-talkie app


As seen on the Apple watch, the Korean manufacturer has integrated this feature successfully to its Most recent Watch, Galaxy watch 4, so it’s possible to start a conversation with at least two users.

Samsung must have known what they were doing before availing a walkie talkie for the Galaxy Watch 4

It is Possible to hold Group Chats from your Wrist.

In September 2018, this kind of technology was seen on the Apple Watch. Therefore it is not a new Software to us. This application makes it possible to start a live conversation with the receiving party, also using the Apple watch by leaving his finger pressed on the screen to speak. It is possible to chat with your loved ones within a fraction of a second as it is faster than Voice Dictation.

Today, Samsung offers the same experience using its walkie-talkie application. A question of whether Samsung is copying Apple. The brand has claimed that several features are added to their software, where Apple only allows communication between two parties.

To access the Walkie talkie App, you have to head Over to the play store and download it. However, the manufacturer says that currently, it is only compatible with  Galaxy Watch 4 Classic and the Galaxy Watch 4.