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Volkswagen subsidiary MAN trucks announce the transition to electric

by Joseph Richard
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MAN, as of now, delivers electric vehicles. In 2024, it is relied upon to be its entire production. The MAN brand, claimed by Volkswagen, is renowned for its trucks, buses, and vans, mostly furnished with diesel engines today. The manufacturer has reported that things will change from 2024 when every one of its workers assembles electric trucks. MAN, who desires to assume a significant part in developing electric trucks and buses in Europe, is playing its future on this progress.

Man Truck and Bus, a subsidiary of the VW Group, has reported that it needs to supplant its diesel-controlled product lines with electric-fueled vehicles from 2024. By this date, the brand’s sequential construction systems should be changed entirely to create electric cars, with all workers prepared for new creative techniques. Right now, MAN now makes some electric vehicles. However, this is a minor movement. Within three years, the circumstance should be switched in the brand’s German and European industrial facilities, which could, notwithstanding, hold the ability to deliver diesel vehicles for certain specific employments.

At first, MAN intends to showcase heavy merchandise vehicles that can travel for 500 km without draining. They will deliver vehicles offering autonomy of 700Km and afterward, they will move to 1000km. Performances of the cars are unquestionably intriguing as they remain ineffectively adjusted to Europe and the rest of the world. In any case, the brand could bear putting itself in the urban and peri-metropolitan logistics transport market, however, particularly in the public vehicle area. For sure, MAN predicts that by 2030, 90% of the city buses sold in Europe will be electrically fueled.

If MAN wants to control the market of Vans, transport, buses, and coaches, it must be aware that the future lies on them transitioning to electricity fully. For man, it was not easy to make this decision because Volkswagen(The Parent Company) imposed it. Under pressure from the VW group, MAN Truck and Bus recently sold one of its German plants and cut 3,500 jobs. Volkswagen expects quick results, which pushes MAN to make radical choices, with no possible turnback. By betting on the all-electric, the subsidiary cuts all its investments in thermal engines and hydrogen propulsion, considered too expensive.

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