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Management at 10,000 Feet: 7 Tech Tools Every Business Traveler Needs

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If cross-country travel is a cornerstone of your job description, you know that frequent trips to the airport involve a stop-and-go, “hurry up and wait” pace. Planning a business trip can be a hectic whirlwind of receipts, luggage, and boarding passes, but once you’re at the airport or on the plane, you find yourself with hours of free time and no good way to spend them. 

The good news is that in the digital age, you never have to unplug if you don’t want to. The same tools can help you keep track of your travel expenses and keep productive while you’re dealing with long delays or layovers. 

Here are the seven tech tools for your next big venture for the time-savvy, tech-savvy business traveler. 

Evernote app for new contacts

You might already use Evernote as one of your favorite tools for keeping notes and digital documents organized. Evernote is a powerful tool for note-taking because its notes are multimedia and easily shareable between devices and people.

Evernote is remarkable for its namesake, but did you know that you can turn it into a computerized Rolodex? Evernote can sync contacts you make between devices, so whether you meet someone at the hostel or the train station, you’ll never miss out on a surprise business connection. It also syncs directly with your LinkedIn account. 

The app uses your phone’s camera to simplify contact creation. First, take pictures of your contact’s business card with your cell phone. Then, Evernote can use your LinkedIn connection to find your contact’s profile. From there, you have an easily accessible contact and a new networking opportunity with one click. 

A virtual office from iPostal1

Use a virtual office to make business travels a breeze. Distance is nothing to a frequent traveler like you, so why should it impede your business operations? A virtual office is an actual location that intercepts mail, faxes, and even phone calls on your behalf. You can access your business communications from anywhere in the world. Because a virtual office also comes with an address, you can even use it to break into the local market in new cities. 

Some virtual office providers like iPostal1 have a smartphone app to keep you connected no matter where business takes you. You can use their app to check the mail from any of your locations, review important faxes or phone calls, and decide which of your communications get stored, forwarded, or shredded. Just because you’re on the plane doesn’t mean you’re out of the game.

Connect apps with IFTTT

Integration is critical with such a diverse list of tech tools. Using IFTTT (“If This, Than That”), you can connect all your other apps for a seamless business management experience. For example, you can log any calls made by your cell phone on a Google spreadsheet. You can also use the app to sync Google calendar events from other apps, so you never miss a beat, even if your eggs are all in different baskets. 

Google Workspace functionality

Google Workspace, much like Microsoft Office, is a collection of different productivity software accessible from the same deck. The difference is that Google Workspace is stored on cloud servers, so your information, calendar, and documents are viewable from anywhere in the world. Google Workspace functions include:

  • Video conferencing
  • Cloud storage needs
  • Google Docs editing
  • Checking Gmail


Eliminate any communication problems between various mobile devices and country codes by organizing your team on WhatsApp. Regardless of area or country code, you can use the app’s text messaging features to send messages across iPhone and Android devices.

Use easy video conferencing solutions

Last-minute client crisis while you’re en route? No problem. Maintain customer relationships during your travels by using the Skype or Zoom app on your smartphone. These apps allow you to chat, voice call, video call, or screen share with anyone in the world. 

Wi-Fi Finder app

Relying solely on mobile data is risky business, especially if your travels take you to different countries beyond your cell service’s reach. Take the uncertainty out of the equation by downloading a Wi-Fi finder. Use the Wi-Fi app to find out which Internet cafe, hotel, or coffee shop offers your next high-speed connection. 

Wrap up 

Just like planes have connected us across physical distance, the tech revolution connects us across virtual space. Use these apps to stay connected with business associates and clients, pick up important mail, create “on the fly” video conferences, close sales, import new contacts, and take notes no matter where you might travel. 

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