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After Windows 11, are Android apps coming soon on Microsoft’s Xbox consoles?

The month of October will be decisive for Microsoft with the deployment of Windows 11. And it turns out that a feature of the new operating system of the American firm could also land on Xbox.

Among the significantly noticed novelties of Windows 11, we can point out the compatibility of the OS with Android applications. If this element is not accessible from the operating system’s launch on October 5, users will undoubtedly welcome it with open arms. And Microsoft seems to be preparing to go even further.

This crazy rumor is based on a mention registered for the Windows subsystem application for Android since the Windows 11 version of the Microsoft Store . Indeed, on the system requirements to use this software, we can see the mention “Xbox One” in addition to Windows 10 version 22000.0. It is essential to clarify that the application in question is only dedicated to in-house testing and may never be made functional for the general public.

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