The Top 6 FIFA Apps for iPhone and Android


FIFA is one of the most well-known sports video games on the market. Every year, a new entry is released, and millions of players compete to build the best Ultimate Team possible, climbing the ranks in the hopes of reaching Division 1.

FIFA’s popularity has resulted in the development of several smartphone apps to accompany it; apps that are both fun simulators and useful tools for Career Mode and Ultimate Team players.

Here are the best FIFA apps for Android and iPhone that you should check out.

  • FIFA Football

FIFA Football is a mobile version of FIFA that is officially licensed and focuses on Ultimate Team. For more simplified FIFA gameplay that is suitable for mobile, the game employs a virtual joystick with options on the right such as Pass, Clear, Switch, or Shoot. The goal of the game is to build the best Ultimate Team possible, with many features from the main series returning, such as SBCs, Draft, and Leagues.

FIFA games are released every year and are becoming increasingly expensive. If you’re tired of having to buy a new FIFA every year to have a relevant Ultimate Team, the mobile version is a great alternative.FIFA Football has a large player base, and the game’s constant updates keep it feeling fresh and relevant. The gameplay shift from the main series can be difficult to adjust to, but the game includes a helpful tutorial to assist you.

  • FUT 21 MAD

This unofficial app functions as a sports management game, simulating the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) experience. MAD FUT 21 was created by fans for fans, providing a more streamlined Ultimate Team experience that does not require gameplay. Simply go to the Draft or Pack tabs to start drafting a team or opening packs to see what you get for free.

MAD FUT’s sleek, FUT-inspired visual design distinguishes it from other free pack openers. MAD FUT is a compelling alternative to the official FUT game mode due to the inclusion of Achievements, SBC Challenges, and Trading features.

When searching through My Club, the app’s navigation filters are also more streamlined and convenient than the official FUT game mode. The level progression system keeps you interested and working towards your goals, and the frequent updates throughout the season help it feel as close to the real FIFA Ultimate Team experience as possible.

  • FUT Track

FUT Track is an unofficial app that helps you track your performance in games such as Division Rivals, Weekend League, and FUT Champions. You can enter Player Performances, Score and Match Facts, and Match Score and Facts by pressing the Add Game button. You will be able to analyze your performances after each game and see if there has been any improvement if you do this.

You can create multiple squads and then have your results filtered based on which squad you’re using, which is a cool feature. This is useful for players who like to switch between squads.

The app has a live database that updates in tandem with the official FUT game mode, making it extremely simple to recreate your FUT squad in the app.

  • EA Sports™ FIFA 21 Companion

Each year, the FIFA game companion apps are released alongside the latest entry in the series. The only feature missing from these companion apps is the ability to manage your Ultimate Team from your phone by linking to your EA Account ID.

Being able to manage your Ultimate Team while on the go ensures that you don’t miss out on trading opportunities, especially if a recent real-world transfer has sparked the market and you want to cash in.

Because navigating FUT on console or PC can be time-consuming, this mobile option provides a more convenient way to complete SBCs, organize your club, and show off your squad. Just keep in mind that if you’re already logged into your Ultimate Team on console or PC, you won’t be able to access the mobile app.

  • FUT 21 Draft Builder

FUT 21 Draft Builder is an unofficial app that monitors the FUT market and displays the current price ranges of cards for those times when you’re unsure which player to buy. Players include reviews from other app users beneath their cards, allowing you to get feedback from real people who have used the card.

There is a draft simulator for fun and research, and the app includes solutions to all of the Squad Building Challenges. Finally, if you regularly play FIFA and want to keep up with the FUT market, FUT 21 Draft Builder is an extremely useful app.

  • FUT Card Creator

FUT Card Creator is an unofficial app that allows you to have some fun by creating your cards. You can load previously created cards or start from scratch by creating a new one and saving it to the app. All of the six main stats—Pace, Passing, and so on—can be tweaked, and you can use the camera to create a picture that will appear on the card.

FUT Card Creator does not provide any assistance with FIFA, but it does allow FIFA players to have some fun by creating their cards with pictures of themselves or their friends.

Unfortunately, this app is only available for iPhone users.

The FIFA apps featured above make it simple to track the live FUT market, research Squad Building Challenges, and find players to add to your squad. If you’re sick of paying a yearly fee to play FIFA, the mobile version is worth a look.