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How to Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts with Proxies: Strategies for Marketing Agencies

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Do you have multiple Instagram accounts to manage? How do you go about working on many different Instagram accounts when Instagram is notorious for banning accounts linked to the same IP address? The answer to this question is by using proxies, and linking your Instagram accounts to the proxy IP address. 

What Is the Advantage of Using Multiple Instagram Accounts?

There are quite a few benefits to having control over multiple Instagram accounts, but one of the most impactful by far is their use in marketing and spreading traffic to your content. Directing the first influx of attention your way is crucial in determining whether your post makes it onto the list for new and hot content. Since Instagram favors showing off content that’s already generating buzz, throwing yourself some traffic at the start can help keep your post from being lost in the sea of Instagram’s newest featured posts every second. However, Instagram has measures in place to keep just anyone from being able to do this. Thus, where proxies, like Metrow, come in.

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Why You Need a Proxy

If you try to create plenty of Instagram accounts for the sole purpose of boosting your content, Instagram will likely ban them and might even take action against your main account. This is because Instagram can see that the IP address and geographical location of all those accounts belong to the same person: the one whose content they’re all flocking to. Rather than buying computers all across the globe to prevent this, there’s a more simple solution: Proxies. 

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Proxies allow you to anonymously create as many accounts as necessary to stir up traffic without causing services like Instagram to become suspicious, as each instance will appear as a unique user. Proxies are so vital to managing Instagram accounts that providers like offer their multiple account management like no othermade explicitly for such endeavors. Most providers even allow you to choose proxies for Instagram account management specifically.

How It Works

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Proxies each come with an independent IP. When you connect to one before logging into a service like Instagram, the service doesn’t see your personal IP, it sees the proxy’s. This solves the issue behind the accounts all being tracked back to a single user. If you have plenty of different proxies with their own IPs and locations to choose from, you can make a handful of Instagram accounts for each one rather than having countless from the exact same place. Most providers offer access to a large pool of multiple proxies, each with its own unique IP. Users can create numerous Instagram accounts and log in to them on various proxies from the pool so that no two accounts have the same IP. 

In reality, it’s safe to use about four accounts per proxy. Instagram wouldn’t exactly have an issue with that. Families could be making their accounts all from the same location of course. However, pushing into the tens or hundreds is when it’s likely to draw attention.

Why Quality Matters

With the recent popularity of proxies, there are now various providers to choose from. They will often try to make themselves distinct from the competition with lower prices or membership plans. However, one of the most significant factors to consider is the quality of a proxy. While some services may be cheaper than others, a marginal price difference is not worth putting your content or account in jeopardy. Some proxy services do not take care to hide, secure, and protect your connection. There’s even the risk of them reusing the same proxy for multiple customers. Should that happen for numerous people who intend to use it for accounts on the same site, such as Instagram, things can get suspicious when too many people appear with that identical IP. 

Luckily, there are services with large pools of unique IPs granted to customers to prevent situations like that from happening, focusing on complete security and anonymity. The quality and reliability of the proxy you choose should be a factor when choosing a proxy provider. A service that is willing to put your security at risk is not worth a discounted price.


The process to start using a proxy is a simple one. It is also a crucial one if you have to manage multiple social media accounts, especially on Instagram. Using the right proxy will protect your account, while still allowing you to drive traffic to your content. When it comes to choosing a proxy, make sure you go over everything, including client reviews and remember that a discount is not worth your account security.

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