iOS 15: No need to wait long


In a few days, the release of iOS 15 is expected. Many Apple fans are looking forward to the next iphone13, but more and more users are looking forward to the release of iOS 15. But when will Apple release updates for the iPhone? It is now possible to anticipate two possible dates.

Apple will almost certainly show the iPhone 13  at the Apple event coming this September 14th, where the iOS 15 will be given. Therefore, for the Last date, two possible release dates of iPhone updates are predictable.

iOS 15: Two release dates already planned

If Apple is the same as last year, you will already be able to download iOS 15 after a day of keynote speeches on May 15th. Therefore: this is already the case on Wednesday the 15th of this month. However, this rather urgent deadline for 2020 was an exception.

Traditionally, Apple usually releases updates just before a new generation of iPhone goes on sale. Here the rumor factory agrees. The first pre-order will be accepted on September 14th after the release of the iPhone 13 by Apple. Delivery will start on September 24th. That’s why iOS 15 should be released on September 20th, if we are right. Anyway, we won’t have to wait long.

Even older iPhones are not excluded

iOS 15 is compatible with all Apple phones compatible with previous versions, so if you are already using iOS 14 on your iPhone, even the iPhone 6(2015 edition) can still use future updates. However, not all new features are usually supported on older hardware. For example, the real-time text feature requires an iPhone XS or later.