Android 12 will slow down charging due to overheating for the Google Pixel


Android 12 will now warn your Google Pixel smartphone in case of overheating during charging.

Android 12 will sound the notification bell or somewhat slow the charge speed to conserve your smartphone’s battery life.

A feature that can be seen on the source code

Thanks to 9to5Google, we got to know about this information. By going through the source code of the Android 12, Beta 5,9to5google discovered some data which points out to a component that allows limiting the load speed and at the same time make the Smartphone user to be aware.

This will be named “Temporarily Limited load” is shown by a link to another tab that suggests the overheating of the smartphone and, without a doubt, the problems that can occur in the worst cases.

At the moment, this feature is yet to be confirmed. However, we hope that in the upcoming week’s, Google will at least comment on the subject, especially how the load processor can be prevented. We  are also left in a gaze on how this component would work with the existing ones.

Already there is a component that permits some mobile phones to cap the charge at 80% if it takes too long. According to various circumstances, pixel smartphones benefit from the activation of slow charge. Anyway here is the central question, How will “Temporarily Limited Charge” function? Does this mean that when this feature is activated, the device’s charging will be put to a halt? And will the performance of the phone be minimized at an instance?

The last case might be that this is already an existing feature on the pixel phones mentioned in the previous paragraphs. If this is the case, the notification would be the anticipated tool that shares more information about the slowed load.