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Samsung to start producing 576 Mpx sensors by 2025, but for what?

by Joseph Richard
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Haechang Lee, Samsung’s senior VP, exposed that the firm is working on a 576MP photosensor during the SEMI Europe show. This sensor is expected to be launched to the market before 2025.

Many phone cell phone makers today are fighting to produce very ” weird” sensors. We wonder about the  functionality of a sensor equipped with many megapixels, especially this one from Samsung.

If today we have 200 Megapixel sensors, then what about tomorrow?

Fact check: The camera quality is not determined by the number of megapixels. Suppose it can be a crucial factor to obtain a precise image. In that case, it is not even near satisfactory, and the quality of optics or the linked digital processing is equally (if not more) important. Hence the phones from Apple(iPhones) can not go above 12MPx, which does not hinder them from taking beautiful images.

However, using the latest technologies makes our electronics gadgets stay at one level. The stronghold of smartphone marketing is always influenced in one way or another by the number of camera pixels. Samsung has been using this rule likewise since they don’t import other individuals to design their cameras. Still, they do so for other manufacturers. in 2019, the Korean firm introduced the 108Mpx. Most recently, we saw a 200Mpx to now a 576-megapixel sensor.

What is the use of this many Pixels anyway?

With the ever-increasing Mpx, it is possible to approach a human eye performance. Zooming with the help of a 4K or 8K video would be advantageous to some video specialists, just in case. But what if the sharpness of an image(with zoom in consideration) no longers associates with definitions of the sensors? What use will this be to us anyway?

Anyway, it doesn’t matter because, with the current advancing worlds that we are in high definition, sensors will increasingly deliver flexibility in use. In everyday situations, small pixels are always seen as 2 or 4 groupings to join into a larger Pixel, thus reducing image noise and permitting more light. In this manner, a 16Mpx mode will always favour a 64megapixel sensor. However a high resolution will always be handy to take shots of an object when it is far. It will be essential if more than Mpx sensors such as this Samsung will be equipped with similar pixel-binning technologies.

However, this new 576 Mpx from Samsung is not meant for a smartphone at the current time but rather for vehicles. This will benefit the cars to park automatically or monitor traffic as well. It can be applied in the medical industry or even in drones.

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