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Weekly Tech News summary: Apple car, Realme fast charging, Facebook glasses  etc.

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Before we step on another week with so much Zeal, here is a summary of what transitioned this week in Tech.

On 14th, Apple will hold its “Californian streaming event”.AS we wait for new products from the firm, lets us see what was trending this week in Tech. So far, Amazon and Facebook have unveiled cool gadgets (TVs and glasses, respectively). Then there was also a case where Germany came up with a law to force cell phone manufacturers to support phone updates for at least seven years, and finally, there was the Apple car Project.

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Facebook and Ray-Ban working together

The relationship between Ray-Ban and Facebook long ago was quite unpredictable. However on Thursday, the two firms officialized a pair of connected glasses called Ray-Ban stories. The gadget uses 5-megapixel camera sensors, speakers, and microphones to take images, listen to music or even make calls. Facebook is fixing Google mistakes on augmented reality; hence, it will be possible in a few years. The glasses(Ray-ban stories ) will cost around Ksh 40,000.

Apple to launch its products on Tuesday:

This week Apple unveiled its Californian streaming date. It will take place on the 14th of September at 8 pm Kenyan time. We expect to see new designs of the Apple Watch 7 series and the iPhone 13. Be sure to check with us for an exclusive briefing.

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Apple Car(Titan Project)

The Apple car project has caught the eyes of several online media rather than the iPhone 13 this week. Doug field will be joining Ford after steering the Titan Project since 2018. Kevin Lynch, the president of Apple health division, swaps in to replace him

Germany: Give us seven years of smartphone updates by force

The Germany department of Economics proposed to the European Commission to constrain smartphone makers to give updates of up to seven years while supplying spare parts all through this period. On the off chance that this change would arise, it could present numerous issues for tech brands.

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Realme sets another Record

There is a 65w charger to facilitate charging a smartphone fully from 0 to 100%. In less than 25 minutes. After the apple event, it will be time for Xiaomi to showcase its 120Watt charge

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