Apple VS Samsung: The war is Just getting Started


On 14th September, the Cupertino firm made its new range of phones official. The pre-orders took their first ride at lightning speed on 24th September, and currently, there is no indication that it will stop. During the launch, some questions from its closest opponents had already started to rise. Samsung is now building a war towards the iPhone 13  but for a positive purpose.

Point check: The Korean manufacture has been utilizing 120 Hz on its high-end smartphones since forever, and no one can argue on that. Thus it is now clear that Samsung has an added advantage in the market, at least from a technical perspective in this manner. To relate, this can be seen from a tweet on 14th September from Samsung.


Regardless of whether this entirely remains an open question, you don’t need to be surprised by the outcomes to come. As you can  clarify, the OLED screens with an adaptable  refresh rate of between 9 & 121 Hz seen on the new iPhones from Apple come from two sources(Samsung and LG)

Likewise, with past models, this shows: Samsung’s system of having fun to the detriment of Apple would genuinely not like to get trapped. Twitter consumers head a straightforward way; conclusion: Apple might not have been quicker, however, show improvement over Samsung.

What is less generally welcomed by users typically takes the alternate way: For instance, it was when Apple chose to dispose of the 3.5 mm jack or at this point don’t append a charging cable to iPhones. Both were pattern setting for the cell phone market and gushed out to different manufacturers, including Samsung. Essentially in the current case, the South Koreans won’t acquaint something almost identical with Apple in a couple of months, 120 Hz, all things considered, the Samsung phones quite have.