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How To Apply For A Subsequent Helb Loan Via Mobile Loan

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What is a helb loan?

The Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) is a statutory body established in July 1995 by an Act of Parliament ‘Higher Education Loans Board Act’ Cap 213A. It is a state corporation in the Ministry of Education. The Board is domiciled and operates within the Republic of Kenya. To put it simply, if you’d like to pay for your University fees but you don’t have money then you can get a student loan. So what do you do if you want another loan?

How to apply for Subsequent HELB loan via mobile loan

  • Download HELB Loan app from Google play store
  • Accept permissions
  • Enter your phone number and Generate Pin
  • Enter Verification Code sent to your email and validate
  • Set your new pin
  • Login the into the portal
  • Complete registration by  filling name, id and email
  • Click the Loan button
  • Click Undergraduate Loans or Diploma Loans or Certificates Loans (whichever that is ideal for you)
  • Click apply
  • Answer Questions
  • Click Finish after answering
  • Click proceed
  • Enter your phone number and click Verify
  • Pay One shilling via Mpesa
  • Enter Mpesa transaction code and Confirm
  • Agree to  terms
  • Click Request Loan and then Submit

You will see a congratulation message that your subsequent loan application has been received.                                                                                                         

How to apply for HELB Loan via USSD CODE *642#

To apply for HELB subsequent loan without the app, follow the procedure below.

  • Dial *642#
  • Select option 1
  • Enter pin
  • Select Loan application
  • Select Subsequent Loan
  • Accept Terms (option 1)
  • Verify Phone (option)
  • Pay one shilling to verify phone number. Account number is your ID number
  • After receiving versification message repeat the procedure upto where we left
  • Click Request loan
  • Enter your pin and send

You will receive a message like this “Greetings! Your subsequent (year) loan application (Serial number: 133234324) has been received


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