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Digitization of laboratories and their benefits – Influence of tech on the healthcare industry

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For companies that belong to the pharma manufacturing and life sciences industry, there is a constant challenge to digitize and make legacy data available for medicine development workflows. The conversations that you mostly get to know about digitization revolve around businesses. However, it can’t be denied that some of its primary adopters were the sciences. Digitization of labs, might not receive too much media attention but is certainly one of the most interesting functions of a digital revolution.

Research is as fruitful as the tools you have to administer it. This is why most scientists are using the highest upgraded technology to ensure they get the most accurate results. Let’s dig deeper into what the digitization of labs is.

Lab Digitization – What is it?

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The integration and incorporation of Industry 4.0 to the sciences of the lab is called lab digitization. When you’ve digitized your lab, you’ve most probably bid goodbye to paper-based, analog process of work in laboratories. Utilizing the old-school methods of operating a lab will make you vulnerable to increased errors and hence digitization is necessary to avoid the harmful effects.

The trend of digitizing labs could take several forms as it does in other fields like manufacturing. The simple step of maintaining records on a computer rather than on a paper is also an instance of digitization. It can also mean using big data, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality or even laboratory information system to make it easier to maintain lab records. Digitization can not only minimize errors but also spot errors which can be missed by the human eye.

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How do lab owners benefit through lab digitization?

Whenever there’s a new technology like the laboratory information system, scientists are the first ones to adopt it. The trend of lab digitization wouldn’t take hold if it didn’t pose some of the most noteworthy benefits. Would you like to know the benefits of lab digitization? Here’s an in-depth analysis of the benefits.

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  • Boosts productivity

On an average, did you know that an average employee may take around 10 minutes to find out a paper when they don’t know where it is? When the lab is digitized, it permits a tidier and simpler organization, allowing the lab workers to locate files faster. This way, labs can get highly productive. By utilizing ELNs, it takes much less time to record results. Scientists can therefore spend more time on research when they can spend less time on other administrative procedures.

  • Enhanced security

Maintaining records online are secured from all kinds of physical threats that could tarnish the lab papers. This is not the only security benefit offered by digitization. Digital files are more trackable and laboratory owners can easily see which documents are being accessed by whom and at what time. Digitization offers solutions like multi-factor authentication and encryption, scientists can make sure all digital records are kept safe. When labs work on important projects, heightened security is imperative.

  • Higher accessibility

Thanks to the digitization of labs, data becomes accessible very easily. When the scientists of a lab are always on-the-go, they should use applications like cloud computing. Humans can access data easily with the help of lab digitization. Without the technological procedures at the right place, labs could never reap the advantages of big data or virtual reality, or artificial intelligence. And without big data and AI, the results of research would only be constrained to conclusions drawn by humans.

Lab 4.0 is the lab of the future and this has gone through a major digital transformation. With the increased versatility of big data and AI, digitization of labs will become the standard practice. In fact, the benefits of digitization are enough to drive the process of digitization.

More and more labs are gradually transitioning into online workspaces at a rapid pace. Digitization of labs through a laboratory information system or AI or VR lead to proper research and helps in producing new discoveries in the scientific field.

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Milcah Lukhanyu
Milcah Lukhanyu
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