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Samsung’s Galaxy S21 beaten hands down by Xiaomi’s top smartphone

by Joseph Richard
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The Chinese manufacturer smartphone company Xiaomi is one of the organizations that’s has been performing better with each new day since its inception in the country. Recently we witnessed the launch of Xiaomi 11T Pro, which takes pride in its Cinemagic & fast charging components.

By now, it is clear the Xiaomi 11 T Pro has been enhanced with a 120 W charging speed. A question that arises in our minds is how well does the model matches with Samsung Galaxy S21?. A max of 25W  can be located here. To bring out the difference more vividly, Xiaomi has released a video that is pretty much funny.

Xiaomi 11T Pro VS Samsung Galaxy S21

Xiaomi has filled a few ball machines with tennis balls. 1 Ball is constantly terminated when the heap limit increments by 0.1 %. With the Galaxy S21 with a 25-watt charging capacity, the tennis player can effectively keep up. A ball machine is likewise adequate to keep the speed.

Conversely, Xiaomi needs to kick three ball machines for the 11T Pro to mirror the charging pace of 120 watts with the tennis balls. The tennis player essentially doesn’t linger behind this situation since such a substantial number of balls are terminated in a brief time frame. While the Galaxy S21 arrives at 5% charging status, the Xiaomi 11T Pro is at 30%. In only 17 minutes, the Xiaomi cell phone is then wholly recharged. The Samsung cell phone hangs a long way behind and takes over 60 minutes.

Assuming you need to charge the Samsung Galaxy S21 rapidly, you need to purchase a charger for yourself as the cable can already be found in the box. The Xiaomi 11T Pro is unique. The Chinese organization even encases the 120-watt power supply. So you can straightforwardly utilize the quick charging capacity. This fast-charging likewise doesn’t hurt the battery – claims Xiaomi at any rate. The truth will surface eventually in case this is truly obvious.

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