One week later, iOS 15 installed on less than 20% of 100% compatible iPhones


Apple rolled out the new version of its new OS, iOS 15, on the 20th of September. It is designated for the iPhone 13 series of smartphones and up to the iPhone 6.

As per the survey from Mixpanel, the new iOS 15 will be run on 19.3% of adaptable iPhones in the globe. This considers the iPhone 13, which comes with iOS 15 already and the classic models where various apple consumers have already signed in for the update.

Remember that two days after iOS was deployed, the acceptability rate of the new OS was 8.59%, a rate significantly lower than that of iOS 14 last year, which was close to 15% in 48 hours. iPhone 13 sales helped boost the adoption of Apple’s new OS.

On the client-side, if the consumers of the new iPhone 13s have no other alternative but to surrender in iOS 15, the proprietors of the earlier models seem to be not sure whether to have the latest OS in their gadgets. True, if many tasty features and other novelties usually follow the last, it can also be riddled with bugs, and iOS 15 is no special from the previous ones.

We have already reported on various iOS 15 sicknesses, for example, the Unlock function with the Apple Watch and the touch screen defect for many iPhones

Suffice to say that the regulars already know that it is more prudent to wait a few weeks before moving to a new version of iOS to avoid, as much as possible, any unpleasant surprises.