iOS 15 would cause touching problems on the iPhone 13s and other models


It is not even a month since its launch, yet again, iOS 15 has more reasons to disappoint iPhone users.

Currently, a question that is being raised is being pinned towards the touch screen

“Touch” worries with iOS 15?

iOS 15 is Apple’s new OS after iOS 14. As much as it brings in more benefits to various users, it also comes with its downfall, for example, a bug relating to the touch screen and the unlocking of the apple watch feature

Today, it is another worry inborn in iOS 15 that is pointed at. The last would, for the sure reason a bug with the iPhone’s touch screen, regardless of whether on the new iPhone 13 as on the old models. For sure, many have noticed this worry since the latest update.

Along these lines, for particular Apple consumers, it isn’t easy to turn on the screen of their iPhone by tapping the screen. Now and then, the “swipe to unlock ” component doesn’t work, despite an iPhone opening through Face ID. On different occasions, it’s a touch screen that should be pressed hard enough to communicate something specific or play a YouTube video. What’s more, if numerous iPhone 13s are influenced, this is additionally the situation with more older models.

Some iPhone 12 holders who have moved to iOS 15 report that their screen ends up being less sensitive than previously and that they need to tap over and over to “wake it up, against an essential touch earlier.

We realize that Apple is chipping away at an iOS 15.1 update that ought to fix the issue of association with the Apple Watch specifically, yet we trust that the firm will likewise have set aside the effort to resolve the different problems which we are currently seeing from the web and is all about complaints about the new OS