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SIM Card Not Working on Your Phone: What Causes It and How to Fix It.

by Yvone Kendi
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While there is no doubt that technology has advanced in the phone industry, with smartphones, making or receiving calls is still arguably the most important function of any mobile phone, including the smartphone. This is why people can’t afford to use a phone with a faulty SIM card or one that doesn’t work.

The SIM card is one of, if not the, most important components of a phone. When you pick up your phone and see “SIM card not detected,” it can be aggravating. You’ll start looking for a solution right away because you can’t even browse the internet in most cases.

Methods to Resolve Sim Card Not Working Issues on Your Phone

  • Check to see if the SIM card is properly inserted.

Some people unintentionally insert the SIM card in the wrong direction or in the wrong way. If the SIM card is incorrectly inserted, the phone will not be able to detect it and will likely remain that way unless you insert the SIM card correctly. Examine the SIM tray; you should see an inscription of a SIM card position; place your SIM card exactly as it is written on the SIM tray.

  • Check to see if the SIM Tray is properly inserted.

Surprisingly, the SIM card is not the only one that can be inserted incorrectly, leaving you wondering why your SIM card is not working on your phone. You can correctly insert the SIM card into the SIM tray, but if the SIM tray is not correctly inserted into the phone, the SIM card will not be detected.

In this case, you’ll need to remove the tray from the phone by inserting a SIM ejector pin into the pinhole near the tray. Once the SIM tray has been removed, check to ensure that the SIM card is correctly inserted. Gently, but firmly, pull the SIM tray back in without applying any pressure to any angle of the SIM tray. If everything is done correctly, your phone should be able to detect the Sim card.

  • Test the SIM Card on a Different Device

If the problem persists, try the SIM card on a different device. This is done to help you determine where the problem is coming from – the phone or the SIM card. If the SIM card works on another device, the problem is with the phone. However, if the SIM card does not work on another device, the problem is with the SIM. If the problem is caused by the SIM card, you must contact your network service provider to determine whether or not the SIM card is active.

  • Examine the SIM Connector

If the SIM card worked on another device, the issue is likely with your phone. You can inspect the SIM slot and connector to see if dust has accumulated and is preventing the phone from properly reading the SIM card. Remove any dust or dirt from the SIM connector.

  • Enable the SIM Card in the Settings menu.

If your phone is still unable to detect the SIM card, double-check the network and SIM card settings. Navigate to Settings >> Mobile Network >> SIM Card on your phone. Check to see if the SIM card is turned on or off. If it is disabled, you must enable it. However, if the SIM card setting is enabled, leave it alone.

  • Restart or Reboot Your Phone

It’s possible that your phone’s SIM card isn’t working because the system is overloaded. This problem should be resolved with a simple reboot or restart of your phone. Restarting your phone will clear the space in the system memory and allow it to function normally.

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