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 Ways to Take Advantage of Instagram Reels for Your Business

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Following the music in Stories, Instagram has launched the short video format — Reels. It’s an approximate analog of Tik-Tok but on an Instagram basis only.

In this article, we show you how Instagram Reels feature works, and how to stimulate the Instagram growth of your business account with this new option.

What Are Instagram Reels and How Do They Work?

Instagram Reels are short music videos up to 15, 30, or 60 seconds.

Reels can be published in Stories or feed format. Users can choose whether they want to share Reels with their followers only or with the audience of the whole Instagram community. 

Moreover, you can like any video (Reels), write a comment, repost it in Stories or send it in Direct.

NB: If you subscribe to a person in Reels, you will see not only his Reels but posts and Stories as well.

In addition, the Reels section will also appear in the user’s profile if he publishes at least one short video.

Instagram Reels for Your Business

The introduction of new features and functions increases your Instagram account traffic, expands the popularity of a particular brand, and boosts sales.

Various stickers, videos with well-chosen music, and visuals are some of the best tools to increase audience engagement. It’s definitely one of the great ideas for business promotion, and should lead to an improvement in the number of subscribers and brand awareness.

How to Use Instagram Reels for Your Business?

The audience response to traditional advertising is severely lessened. Social media users receive hundreds of notifications and ads every second. The competition for views is getting higher and higher, and the content is getting easier and worse. People are objectively tired. It’s getting more and more difficult for marketers. So, how do you use Reels for your business?

  • Hashtag Challenge

One of the main content areas of any social media platform is to conduct challenges.

The implementation of this mechanism is simple: users record a video for a specific song, add the proposed hashtag to it and publish it on a social network. You can easily get 500,000 views even with a brand new account by taking part in such a challenge.

Brands launch such challenges to increase the awareness of the company or the released product or to popularize it among the target audience.

  • Native Ads From Bloggers

Standard ad collaboration with bloggers. When choosing and posting, you should pay more attention to the number of likes rather than subscribers. The situation is the following: if a user likes a blogger’s video once, the new content of this blogger will be included in the user’s recommendations next time.

Everyone knows that the market of purchased subscribers and likes (Instagram bots) has already formed. However, if a user tries to buy more than a hundred subscribers or likes a day, he will automatically receive a ban. You will become popular without cheats if your content is part of trends.

  • Watch What You Post

Don’t use profanity and “adult” words in your videos. If the business is related to such a topic, then change the letters and use similar expressions. It’s what adult stores on Instagram do, collecting millions of views and comments. Don’t call for violence and cruelty. You can get banned for the video or, in the worst case, lose your account.

  • Product in Action

Instagram Reels are extremely short videos that can boost your business in the shortest possible time. Shoot a quick clip of your product that is put into practice. Add music to the video and see how the high-quality image does its function.

Consumers estimate the final picture. It has already been proven that video content is a priority among customers and plays a significant role in any company’s growth.

  • Life Hacks and Useful Content

It’s a favorite type of content that will always be in trend. Shoot life hacks using your products, and such videos will surely resonate with the audience.

If you are building a business in the field of fashion, retail, or promoting your services as a specialist, Reels will be an excellent tool. Stop motion videos are of high popularity — an animation technique in which one frame is captured at a time.

If you sell clothes, film the dress-up video, post it on Reels, and enjoy the effect. If your product requires assembly, make a fun video of the process or step-by-step guide. 

  • Be in Trend

Any audience will appreciate the company’s desire to be in trend. By publishing short videos of completely different formats and content, you declare that you are keeping up with the times. People will notice you and follow your account.

Reels suit any niche: from banks and retail to art projects and expert blogs. It’s another way of capturing the audience’s attention to increase interest in the company and its product. It all depends on your willingness to be creative and try new things.

Organize Contests

It’s one more method to boost audience engagement and brand awareness for business profiles. You can arrange a contest with Remixes.

Remix is ​​a video consisting of two videos of different users, for instance, the reaction of one user to the content of another.

Make a video about your product, for example, a review. And upload a Reel where you are telling your subscribers that they can get this item for free by participating in the contest. Ask clients to remix this video and share it in their Stories by tagging your account.

Reels are a great way to get the views that Instagram gives you by promoting a new feature. At the same time, you can “wrap up” your ad into the most native form. Let the audience immerse themselves in familiar situations, laugh, experience emotions with you, and people will even stop thinking that they are watching an advertisement at this very second.

Instagram Reels can be used for business promotion in very different ways. We just gave you a few examples. Turn on creativity and increase your audience and improve your business several times. Good luck!

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