New World Fastest Way to Level Up: five tips for leveling up in NW gameplay 


New World is a classic multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) with an open World theme that was released on Steam on September 28, 2021. Leveling up in the new world is a big challenge because the leveling process is so slow, so today I’m going to give you some tips on how to level up in the new world. By the way, If you have a lot of New World Coins to purchase powerful weapons and items, it is also a great way to help you level up fast!

If you want to rank up fast in New World MMO game, you can pay attention to five tips in the following, including Town Projects, Faction Missions, Main Quests, Side Quests and rest in a settlement.

  1. Rest in a Settlement

When exiting the new world for the day, be sure to rest in the settlement. You receive Rested XP bonuses when you re-log in to the game. As long as rewards are active, any task that gives you level XP will earn more rewards. Don’t forget to receive your Rested XP every time you log back in, these experiences can be acquired effortlessly.

  1. Town Project

There are many town projects for you to finish, including Alchemists Needed, Armorsmithing, Carpenters Needed, Cooking, Explorers Needed, Hunt and more! Town projects are community missions that are currently issued by the town’s guilds, which aims at upgrading specific parts of a settlement and when you complete these quests, you will get a small chunk of XP. These tasks are usually not very difficult to complete. They usually involve handing in raw materials or handicrafts, or completing the exploration of some places. You can check the latest Town Projects of the day through the Town Project Board and select some tasks that are easy to complete. For the task of handing in materials, you can also directly buy raw materials from other players, as long as the purchase price is not too expensive, otherwise the task will lose money.

  1. Faction Missions

It is recommended that new World players complete at least three faction missions per day. In fact, the number of missions completed and the corresponding rewards are indicated in the faction task bar, and it is recommended that players complete at least three. In fact, it is better to complete four or five quests, with the fourth or fifth quests being the most rewarding. However, since faction quests are usually time-consuming side quests or missions, five quests may reduce the time you need to complete other quests, so it is recommended to complete at least three to make sure you don’t get too few XP.

  1. Main Quests

It is well known in MMORPG games, the main experience rewards tend to be highest, the same is true in the new world, so every day to complete some quests will be of great help to your upgrade, and the main task of experience is not only a reward, more high level of play, but at the time of completing quests, players need to select them in the right direction. Because the main task need you to move back and forth in the map, this itself is a relatively time consuming, so try to get themselves on the main tasks are all concentrated in one area, or make sure you are on the road running diagram can be done by multiple quests, guarantee the efficiency of running figure not too low. If you spend a lot of time on moving, however, only a small number of tasks have been completed, which is undoubtedly not cost-effective.

  1. Side Quests

There are side quests in each settlement, which are a good way for players to gain experience and equipment, and there are only a limited number of side quests, completing one set and then refreshing another, so you don’t have to run around like the main quest, so it’s relatively efficient.

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