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Genshin Impact Review on Blackview 5G Game Rugged Phone BL5000  

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As the story on the stormy lands of Inazuma develops further, the Genshin Impact 2.1 arrived on September 1st, unveiling new islands of Seirai and Watatsumi, new characters of Raiden Shogun, Kujou Sara and Kokomi and new five-star weapons, etc. Now travelers can start a new journey of fighting.

Due to demanding rendering and processing requirements, Genshin Impact has become a benchmark for measuring mobile gaming performance. Even some top gaming smartphones cannot successfully get Genshin Impact up and running and often come with overheating, stuttering, lag or frame drops.

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In early August, Blackview released Blackview BL5000, the world’s first 5G rugged gaming phone. Coming with game-dedicated configurations, BL5000 is teased to play hundreds of large-scale 3D  titles including Genshin Impact. In this review, it’s to have a Genshin Impact test check the performance of BL5000. Will BL5000 survive successfully?

Genshin Impact Tests

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  1. App Download & Start-up

Genshin Impact app won’t be preinstalled. Search its name in the app store and you’ll find it. According to Mihoyo, it’s recommended to have 8GB of free space and at least 4GB of RAM. BL5000 comes with 8GB of RAM and UFS 2.2 128GB ROM, so it has no problems with the downloading. With the 5G WiFi connected, it takes a few minutes to download.

Then start it up. One of common issues for mobile gamers is that it will crash on the startup but BL5000 won’t. Making sure the network connection is working properly, BL5000, supporting 5G connectivity, works fluidly to get into the adventurous world within a minute.

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After the startup,  now comes the actual performance tests. The FPS, temperature and battery consumption are respectively tested on 60 frame rate with low graphics and 60 frame rate with high graphics. Here a game video is shot.

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  1. FPS Performance

In the first 10-min test with low graphics, when walking characters around, BL5000 performs at 40 to 60FPS and the screen runs as smoothly as it’s expected to.

While battling with the enemies, it works at 25 to 35FPS. Moving to the test with high graphics, it runs at 20 to 30FPS and the screen goes stuttering frequently.

BL5000 features a 7nm 5G MediaTek Dimensity 700 chip. Capable enough to easily handle various tasks, it’s a bit challenging to run Genshin Impact with high graphics.

  1. Temperature Performance

Speaking of temperature performance, most gaming phones will incorporate advanced cooling systems to cool down. Blackview says BL5000 is configured with a 3D copper pipe cooling system that employs a new and improved thermal structure boasting to give as much as 8.5℃ CPU temperature reduction.

In the tests, gaming on 60 frame rate with low graphics, the temperature of the screen reaches 42.5℃ and the back cover goes to 44℃ in about 10 mins.

Turning to a high-graphic test, the screen remains between 38 to 39℃ while the back cover reaches about 42 to 44℃.

Though a bit uncomfortable on the touch, the BL5000 temperature control works true to its promise.

  1. Battery Performance

As for the battery power, the larger the capacity, the longer the gaming. BL5000 packs a 4980mAh battery, higher than most mainstream gaming phones. In 35 mins of continuous play at 60 frame rate of low graphics, the battery drops to 89% from 100%. Approximately, BL5000 may endure for about 5 hours of continuous use on a single full charge.

The faster the charging speed, the shorter waiting time to get back to combat. BL5000 supports 30W fast charging to help charge faster. The power is tested to be refilled to 12% in 5 mins, to 61% in 30 mins and to 100% in only 78 mins.

 Display & Sound Quality

Undoubtedly, the display and sound matters for the immersion. A larger screen with higher resolution enables you to appreciate the vast magical world of adventure. BL5000 sports a 6.36″ FHD+ display with 400ppi pixel density and MiraVision display-enhancing technology. Overall, the screen is bright with sharp details that are pleasing to your eyes.

A powerful speaker helps deliver the brilliance of background music and dubbing clearly and richly. BL5000 has a 1217 super-linear speaker to produce premium sound at higher volume. Frankly, the sound is not as wonderful as it says, but still, it’s powerful to hear clearly.

  1. Build Quality

It seems the build quality is nothing about the gaming performance. However, it’s sometimes unavoidable to drop the phone to the floor accidentally when celebrating the triumph, or you may impulsively destroy the device when losing the game. Then you’ll find it broken apart. A strong body will be the best protection.

BL5000 is IP68 & IP69K & MIL-STD-810G certified. With military-grade toughness, it’s sturdy enough to survive destruction from gamers in a game loss, quite different from other fragile gaming smartphones. While playing Genshin Impact, dropping it to the floor from a meter high several times, BL5000 remains safe and the game moves on normally.

Tips for Better Genshin Impact Experience

Generally, when compared with the top flagship smartphones, BL5000 doesn’t really shine out in the gaming performance with above-average specifications. Based on the test results, here are some tips to help you get the most from BL5000 and play better in Genshin Impact. 

  1. Lower the Graphics

When in pursuit of the best Genshin Impact experience at the highest graphic settings, BL5000 may not easily survive. If not minding play smoothly and efficiently with the lowered visual quality, it satisfies.

  1. Open the Charging Plug

As mentioned before, the sound may not be brilliant enough. The speaker is configured on the bottom side so sometimes you can open the charging plug and leave some space to avoid tightly covering the bottom part with your hand, for which the sound will be better delivered.

  1. Charging while Gaming

Blackview offers a L-shaped charging cable for the BL5000. If expecting non-stop power to run Genshin Impact, get it charged while gaming. You can hold the phone comfortably and naturally. However, the BL5000 surface temperature may be a bit higher at that time.

  1. Choose Game Mode

If you want immersive gaming, the Game Mode of Doke OS 2.1 helps. Mistouch prevention avoids exiting the game interface accidentally. Pop-up and call block focus you on the game without any distraction. When defeating the boss, make a screenshot and share your triumphs.


To conclude, for those expecting a smartphone that’s affordable to get and powerful to run Genshin Impact, Blackview BL5000 (under $300) comes first, but it won’t stop there. The superior camera prowess steps it faraway among rugged phones. You can head to know more about the details. After all, you won’t choose a smartphone only for gaming.

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