Blackview BL5000 — Best 5G Rugged Gaming Smartphone for Furious Game Players


Everyone who games will have different triggers to make them fly into a rage. The worst thing that could happen is a gamer angrily throwing away their device after losing. Then a rage becomes heartbreaking when the device is being broken into pieces. What a tragedy! If you tend to destroy your device after game loss, you really need to make the right investment in your game device. Blackview BL5000, a MIL-STD-810G certified gaming rugged phone, just hit the market to answer the call. And it offers handsome discounts now of which you can know the details by scrolling down to the bottom.

Built to take a beating, Blackview BL5000 has a ruggedized design that withstands drops, mishaps, and abuse. It provides extra protection if the gamer angrily strikes the phone in a rage of game loss. And it’s designed to be waterproof in a way that gets you so ready for the uncompromised summer beach fun. Check out the video below and you’ll get blown away with the unbelievable toughness that the phone offers.




As you can see, Blackview BL5000 is a real survivor from the violent force, whether it suffers foot stomps, or drops from high. Safely speaking, the toughness is unrivaled by a mainstream device even with a case. 

As a serious gaming smartphone, Blackview BL5000 has everything you could expect for an ultimate game experience. It combines top-notch hardware with pro game software in order to work well with hundreds of popular, large-scale 3D games. Read below to know key factors that make this phone really stand out. 

It offers ultra-fast 5G speed to get a head start to win the champion

Blackview BL5000 lets you lead the game with remarkable speed and performance powered by MediaTek Dimensity 700 octa-core 5G processor based on the 7nm production process, 8GB of RAM, as well as MediaTek HyperEngine. Dual 5G connectivity enables you to indulge in game fun anywhere, anytime. 

Your full senses will be tickled to get a totally enjoyable and immersive game experience

Blackview BL5000 delivers pleasing game visuals with a 6.36’’ FHD+ punch hole display of 400 PPI, coupled with the MediaTek MiraVision display-enhancing technology. Cool RGB light enhances the game atmosphere. In terms of motion-based games, the 3-axis gyro helps you get the advantage by sensing the precise vision and direction of the game role. Knowing that the sound effects are crucial for adding atmosphere and building emotion, BL5000 has a 1217 super-linear speaker, combined with 0.9cc-equivalent speaker chamber, to produce Smart PA large volume of a wide range. If you care about the hand feeling of the device, the BL5000 is more than satisfactory as it features a symmetrical aesthetics design with laser engraved texture on the back so the gamer can get a better grip and control. Internally, the BL5000 adopts the 3D copper pipe liquid cooling technology to cool down the device in the middle of game tension. To be exact, it gives as much as 8.5°C* CPU temperature reduction. Staying cool under the pressure is not a problem.

Pro Gaming system lets you play without distraction

Blackview BL5000 has game-featured UI and wallpapers so you can get the right tone to get started. Besides, it has dedicated game modes — mistouch prevention is in place to prevent you from exiting the game interface by accident; pop-up and call block lets you focus on the game with zero distraction. When the phone is put in landscape format, the game image can fill the full screen without black bars on the sides. No visual pleasure would be shrunk in size. 

30W fast charge & L-shaped charging cable, back to power in no time

Blackview BL5000 comes with a 30W fast charger included in the package. Only 10 minutes can refill the battery up to 22% and you are ready for the game re-combat very quickly. And every customer can get a customized L-shaped charging cable as a bonus, which has a whole lot advantage over a straight charging cable when it comes to game as it can fit snugly in your palm without any intruding while you’re holding the phone playing a game. And the BL5000 has a giant 4980mAh battery with MediaTek 5G UltraSave technology, which outlasts 1 day effortlessly on extremely heavy use. For sure the last thing every gamer would expect in the middle of the game is the battery running out of juice. Blackview BL5000 makes sure you can have nonstop game thrills.

Overall, Blackview BL5000 is a very unique and incredible game phone that lets you indulge in game fun mentally and also lets you vent emotions physically without any regrets after losing. In addition, it’s outstanding in terms of photography. Just to name a few camera features, it surpasses iPhone 12 by extending the Ultra-wide angle to 125° for even wider landscape/group photography; the snap speed is up to 10 frames per second so you would never miss an unmissable moment. Whether you’re an avid gamer, outdoor enthusiast, or photography expert, this phone is right for you. 

Where to buy?

Big good news is that from now on, Blackview has launched Early Bird Offers where you can snap up one for only $279.99 ($220 off). In addition, you can get an extra free gift, that is, a piece of earphones valued at $59.99. It’s a limited-time sale that will be closed on Aug.22nd (PT) at midnight. More tempting offers on Blackview official website — there are exclusive 5 pcs released astonishingly pricing at $199.99 every day at 4 P.M. (GMT+8). This offer will also last until Aug.22nd (PT). Set your alarm and get it!

 And the noise-canceling TWS earphones, Blackview AirBuds 5 Pro, go really well with the BL5000 if you want a real game immersion. If you just want to block out background noise when commuting or in the office, it’s still an awesome choice. Buy it now for only $49.49 (45% off the original price $89.99).