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Good news for Software developers as Microsoft rolls out Visual Studio editor for the web browser

by Joseph Richard
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Visual Studio Code now has a web-based version that is lighter than the original app; the web-based app provides many of the same features.

There are already a few websites that offer a full-featured code editor in the browser, but Microsoft is now adding its brick to the wall with the release of an online version of Visual Studio Code. It was designed to make it easier for developers to generate and change code, particularly on low-powered devices where software installation is complicated, such as Chromebooks.

Browsers can access and save changes to local files and folders using the File System Access API supported by Edge and Chrome. The task is more difficult with browsers that aren’t yet compatible. Only one file may be uploaded at a time, and if you want to keep a change, you’ll have to re-upload the file in its updated form. In a GitHub directory, you’ll be able to modify and access files and folders.

However, compared to the software version, expect less functionality. Because of browser restrictions, the console and debugger, for example, are unavailable. Some languages will not use all of the features accessible in a local installation, but the basics, such as syntax highlighting, will remain. You’ll have a rich experience with syntax error hints and auto-completion if you’re a Python, JavaScript, or TypeScript developer. The interface is nearly comparable to the desktop version for JSON, HTML, CSS, and fewer files.

Collaboration is less difficult

Cosmetic extensions, syntax highlighting, and keyboard shortcuts have all been carried over to the web version. All you have to do now is log in to your Microsoft or GitHub account to see them in your browser, thanks to the synchronization of VS Code’s settings. According to the company, as time goes on, a growing number of extensions will be compatible.

The web version makes use of URLs to enable extension and theme developers to provide a trial version. It will be possible to use a version of VS Code with all of an extension’s capabilities without installing it in its project by using custom URLs. Using Live Share to start a collaboration session will be easier thanks to a simple link sharing that eliminates the need for the guest to install the software on their device.

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