Google Chrome 95 now allows you to create tab groups


 Chrome 95 has arrived, bringing with it, as with every version, a slew of new features, enhancements, and security patches. A new stable version of the Google Chrome browser is now available, with a version number of 95. The rollout of the update to users has begun and will continue for a few days.

The option to store the groups of tabs that have been established so that they may be found more easily during another session is one of the new features of the update. To get your hands on the tab groups, you had to wade through your browser history till now.

This functionality, however, is not activated by default. If you want to give it a shot, go to chrome:/flags/#tab-groups-save and choose “enabled.” The option appears to be incomplete at this time. In my situation, I removed it after testing since favorites folders have weird interactions. A side panel appears when the flag chrome:/flags/#side-panel is enabled, displaying the playlist and favorites in a new UI element.

Web applications have the potential to become default apps

Payment security is also improved with Chrome 95. A new authentication extension may be used by third parties, such as banks, to improve the security of online payments. In addition, fixes have been released to address 19 security flaws.

Web applications may now be set as default apps in the newest version of the browser. When you click on a link, you will be sent to the web app’s service, which was not always the case earlier. An EyeDropper API has been introduced, allowing developers to include an eyedropper tool on their site that allows visitors to choose the hue of a picture to be reproduced.