Online Gaming: How to Spin a Hobby Into a Business


Gaming has become big business across the world, and that’s been no different in Africa. In the country of Kenya alone, the gaming industry was worth over $50 million back in 2016, according to the BBC, and that figure was forecast to double by this year. It’s the same in other countries in the continent as well, with Statista reporting that the South African gaming industry is also rising substantially, with estimates that there are already more than eleven million gamers in the country.

Why is Gaming On the Up?

Reasons for this considerable growth are thought to be, firstly that more people across Africa are now able to gain access to games consoles and computers, plus they now have a better internet connection, enabling them to game online. Secondly though, that the African region is one of the only continents in the world where the youth population is rising. Not only that, but it is already the continent with the youngest population worldwide, with around 40% of the population being aged fifteen years old or younger. This is good news for the African gaming industry, because a youthful population is the key target audience for them, and so it should lead to even bigger successful leaps forward in the future.

If you enjoy gaming and have thought about trying to make it into a career, or even just as a way to make some money, then now is a great time to start trying, because as mentioned, there is clearly a massive audience for it.

Going Competitive 

If you’re not just the average gamer who loves playing games at their own pace, but actually find yourself constantly beating everyone you come up against, then maybe you have the necessary skills to pay the bills. Pro gamers are competing all over the world and making big bucks doing it. This is achieved by a gamer excelling so much at a game that they will get sponsored by a company to play it competitively against other pro gamers. When pro gamers play against each other, this is known as Esports, which stands for electronic sports. Some of the biggest Esport companies are TSM, Cloud 9, and Team Liquid.

The good news is that there are starting to be Esports companies birthed in Africa. One of the largest on the scene is Gamr, which is a Nigerian Esports startup. They began life a few years ago, but have just recently managed to secure a round of seed investment for expansion, which should see them go from strength to strength. Gamr is a subscription-based, online platform that currently has over 60,000 subscribers from all over Africa, who are able to interact with each other and play the latest games together to practice. The company also organizes its own Esports tournaments, which attract over 4,000 competitors annually. So, if you want to be a pro gamer, signing up for Gamr, and taking part in one of their tournaments, looks like a great way in.

Born to Stream 

One of the best ways to make money when gaming is by setting up a streaming channel that allows keen viewers to watch you play your games over the internet. Now, to those not in the know, this might sound like a crazy proposition, but streaming games has become a big deal. Platforms like YouTube and Twitch have enabled gamers to showcase their gaming sessions to the world, and for the lucky ones, their fans will pay good money to support their content. Some of the most popular streamers are Pewdiepie, who has a staggering 110 million subscribers on YouTube, and Ninja, who has an impressive seventeen million followers on Twitch.

Another form of online gaming that is beginning to take off on Twitch, is users streaming their escapades on different online casinos. This allows those watching to experience the ups and downs that the streamer encounters when playing casino games. The sites they stream will be ones like Vegas Slots Online, which has everything needed to enjoy online gambling all together in one useful place. They have a wide range of the best online casinos, with exclusive promotions for new and returning players. There are also in-depth reviews on each casino, so you’ll be able to choose one that suits your streaming needs, and find games that viewers would enjoy watching.

It’s worth noting that unlike becoming a pro gamer, being a successful streamer doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be the best at gaming, you just need to have an engaging personality that makes lots of people want to tune in and watch your virtual adventures. So, if you’re someone that thrives under the spotlight then this could be a great option for you. Just set up a YouTube or Twitch account and start your hustle today.