How to Save Money on Gas & Electricity Bills


 There are numerous steps that you can do to lower your bills. Education is the first step, which you are doing now. Everyone else in the house needs to be taught, as well. All the people within a home, and that are visiting your home, need to understand the basics of energy conservation. It will not only help the bills go down, but it will decrease the footprints that you leave upon the environment around you.

  1. Thermostat-One of the fastest ways to save on your bill is to install a programmable, or smart, thermostat. Set it up so that the heat is turned down when you are away from home and in bed. Turn the cooling down at the same times. You want to be comfortable in your home, but it is not necessary to go overboard.
  2. Providers-One of the best ways to save on gas and electricity bills is to change providers, if you have that option available. Check around and find a provider that can offer you a better deal than one you are currently getting. You can even talk to your current supplier and ask them to give you some discounts. Make sure that they know that you have done your homework, and that you are more than willing to take your business elsewhere. If you want someone else to do the legwork for you, go to an online site that will compare electricity NSW
  3. Insulate-Go through your house and see if you can feel any drafts. Replace any old insulation and add new to areas that need it. Replace all your old windows with energy efficient models that are designed to help keep your rooms at an even temperature. Same with the doors. Replace any old ones that you have and add new insulating strips around the edges. If you see daylight through any cracks take the proper steps to fill them.
  4. Gas-If you have an electric water heater, and your heat is running off power, then you need to consider changing them. Gas is much cheaper and more efficient. It may cost you some money up front to change them out, but the benefits in the end will be well worth the effort.
  5. Hot Water-Since we are speaking about hot water it is a perfect time to discuss water conservation. A nice hot bath, or shower, can feel wonderful, but it is not necessary. Turn the temperature down a little and get to it. Wash, rinse, and get out. The less hot water that you use, the lower your bill will be.
  6. Solar-If you have the ability to convert over to solar panels then you need to do so. The more panels that you have, the more energy that you can produce on your own. Explaining how to set up these panels is beyond the scope of this article. If you want to set them up on your own do some research online, otherwise hire a professional to complete the job.

Saving money on your gas and electric bills is simple. Pay attention to what you are doing. Follow every way possible to lower your consumption. Spend the time, and money, to upgrade older devices and appliances.

Compare your monthly bill against the averages throughout your region. Canstar Blue has found that the average cost of gas is an average of $273 annually, while electricity is $736 per year. If you are under these amounts, you can consider it a win because you are better off than most of your neighbors and friends.