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The different interior design styles

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Interior designing is the art of designing living and workspaces to suit the interests of the inhabitants. Traditionally, interior design was considered a luxury service; however, it is a sought-after service today. There are hundreds of different aesthetics to choose from, and creating a beautiful space without a professional’s help often proves to be a costly task.

Some of the classic interior design looks that are trendy range in diversity. Everything from minimalism to traditional is preferred nowadays as long as everything incorporates well to create a bigger picture. Here are some of the most common interior design styles:

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Minimalism is often confused with the plain and colorless interior; however, that is quite the opposite of the case. The definition of minimalism aligns with simplicity, and the main idea is to eliminate redundancy from the living space. This provides a fresh and clean look regardless of what colors are used.


Contemporary style is often confused with modern aesthetics. Contemporary, by definition, seeks to incorporate the recent developments in tastes into the interior. Modern aesthetic differs from this because it is more simplistic and less inclusive of most kinds of looks.

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This one is for all outdoor lovers. Rustic interior involves key features from outdoor environments, specifically more in the warm brown hues. The look seeks to provide a comforting atmosphere, sort of like a winter campsite. It involves wooden furniture and as many elements of nature incorporated as possible, like stone and leather.

Shabby Chic

This particular style picked up popularity around the 80s and 90s. This is the type of style you would see as the classy grandmother to have in a tv show or movie. Shabby chic incorporates vintage French elements. The look is brought together by the antique decor and soft femme furniture. Comfort is prioritized in such a design.

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A recent style that has been growing popular is the Scandinavian aesthetic. The look comprises of blue, seaside on cloudy day tones, serenely and straightforwardly. In addition, certain elements are borrowed from minimalism. This look is a crucial example of contemporary style because of its recent boost in popularity.


One of the styles that never ages is Bohemian. This aesthetic represents freedom and thus is very colorful and chic. The idea is to go wild with it because this style is all about diversity and bringing out the beauty in pieces’. Overall, Bohemian looks are everything from exotic to vintage. Some of the iconic elements of this style are beaded decors and colorful accents matched with rustic colors.


Just as the name suggests, industrial style is a very robotic and monotonous kind of style with similarity to factory environments. The aesthetic involves colors within the black and white range with an occasional pop of color presented by a yellow or orange accent, colors familiar in an industrial environment. Most of the furniture and decor are metallic to give the vibe of machine equipment in existing warehouses.

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