Samsung is hoping that you will purchase a Galaxy Z Flip 4 next year


It is four years since the first folding smartphones from the South Korean manufacturer saw the limelight. Currently, we are on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3, far from the Galaxy Z line, with two models. At the moment, as The Elec reports, the manufacturer wants to speed up the democratization of this sort of smartphone by launching the following line of folding smartphones come next year. Thus, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 aren’t scheduled to hit the market until the end of next year. Judging from this, production will start after the third quarter of 2022.

The  sales projection chart for the year 2022 from The Elec shows that Samsung expects to sell 10.9 million Galaxy S22 Ultra and 14 million Galaxy S22 smartphones; we can understand what the company’s goals are for its forthcoming folding phones.,The site further states that the Korean maker will sell 6.9 million Galaxy Z Flip 4 and 2.9 million Galaxy Z Fold 4 units. In the future, Samsung does not anticipate a substantial rise in sales compared to the Galaxy Z Fold 3, projected to sell 3 million units. On the other hand, the company would bet on the Galaxy Z Flip 4’s clamshell shape being more popular. Indeed, Samsung predicted 3.5-4 million units would be sold for the prior iteration. Samsung would consequently want to see a 72 to 97 per cent rise in sales for the Galaxy Z Flip 4.

Samsung had previously chosen a somewhat aggressive trade approach with the Galaxy Z Flip 3, it must be mentioned. In Kenya, the smartphone was introduced for KES 120,000. Pricing that placed the smartphone among the traditional high-end models, far below the original model’s KES 193,000 cost.

Come next year, Samsung will release at least 15 smartphones, as seen through our source. Although foldable devices should presumably attract projectors, they should only contribute to 20% of Samsung’s smartphone sales expected for next year. The mid range smartphone, the Galaxy A will have most of its sales as the Galaxy A53 5G follows suit with 28 million units. At the moment, the Galaxy Note lineup seems to be pushed out until next year.