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The Sex doll 123

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On the planet today, the idea of having sex dolls at home is turning out to be a part of reality, with an ever-increasing number of individuals tolerating it now. The definition of sex dolls given by different people from time past is not constant, but every one of the definitions has something similar in them. “features that are human-like” because the dolls have anatomically correct parts.

An adult-sized female sex doll possesses nice breasts, well-rounded bottoms, and genitals (vagina and anal cavity) seen in human females. It also has pretty facial features (eyes, eyebrows & lashes, nose, ears, and mouth) and hair on its head which can be a wig or implanted depending on the kind of sex doll it is.

A sex doll is a scientifically and artificially engineered human-like toy made to satisfy human desires and wants. These desires and wants include lots of things that range from sexual to non-sexual.

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There are two main types of sex dolls made all over the world today


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this type of doll has thermoplastic elastomer or rubber as its raw material, which contains both thermoplastic and elastomeric effects. More than 90% of sex dolls out there today are made from thermoplastic elastomer materials because they are the cheapest to get. They are soft and give a human-like feeling when they are touched.

They are cheaper to produce when contrasted with the other sex dolls and possess an elasticity level that is more than double their original length. It makes them easy to handle and conform to lots of sex positions.

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This type of doll has its creation from silicone raw material. They are more expensive than their TPE counterpart and are more durable and impenetrable. The silicone sex doll isn’t easily stained and is easy to clean and sterilize. The silicone sex doll cannot lose its shape as it is not elastic but very realistic and resistant to heat.more about silicone sexdoll visit


At BBdoll, you can get different kinds of sex dolls ranging from;

  • European sex dolls

These are silicone sex dolls made in the likeness of the average European woman. These dolls have small eyes, a large and narrow nose, and high carved cheekbones. They also have heights ranging from 5’3 to 5’6 and more with nice bottoms and toned skin. These sex dolls are usually pretty, civilized, and white like the average European woman.

  • Japanese sex dolls

These dolls are put together in the likeness of the Japanese woman. They are often charming, small, and petite with a pretty face, normal-sized bosoms, embedded hair, neat eyebrows, and small body size. A Japanese sex doll has an approximate height of five feet, five inches. It makes them easy to cuddle and handle.

  • Anime sex dolls

These sex dolls are put together in the likeness of an animated female video character. They possess cute facial structures, fierce eyelashes, slim eyebrows, pointed noses, small ears, pretty faces. These anime-type dolls also have a fearless character that makes them strong, dedicated, and stand out among their peers. The anime-type sex dolls attract lots of men as they cannot resist her charm and charisma.

  • Bestseller sex dolls

Looking for a mature and realistic doll to have fun with, or do you prefer the young, silky, big breasts and big bottom?. Make your choice today with BBdoll and get that custom-made sex doll that will match all your cravings and even give you more in terms of sexual pleasure and total satisfaction. The best seller sex dolls come in assorted types from the mature, moderately aged, youthful adolescents to dolls with buoyant breasts, slim bodies, fat, nice bosom, and lovely face.

  • Teen sex dolls (+18):

These are young, developing sex dolls made in the likeness of a teenager in her adolescent years. They are over 18 and are legal according to adult laws. These teenage dolls are realistic and take the user back to his old teenage days where he had the most fun living his best life with no responsibilities attached. At BBdoll, we have all sorts of teen dolls ready to go all out and risk it all to fulfill all your crazy sex fantasies and desires.

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