Who is the real copycat here; Samsung is handing out the Galaxy care towels


Samsung is well-known for mocking its rival Apple. This time, a polishing cloth worth 25 euros(KSH 3,250 ) was picked. In recent weeks, Apple has gotten a lot of attention by offering a cleaning cloth to its fans for a stunning 25 euros.

In fact, Apple devotees are pulling the towels from the manufacturer as if there were no other polishing cloth available to clean your Mac, iPad, or iPhone. Samsung is intrigued by this and offers the “Samsung Galaxy care towel” as a gift whereby Apple will charge a reasonable amount.

Samsung, of course, did not come up with this concept on its own. The move responds to the excitement around Apple’s cleaning cloth, which costs a stunning 25 euros. Samsung, of course, is hoping to reclaim some attention with this.  On the fabric, there is no Apple branding.

Samsung’s behavior with the cleaning cloth is, of course, a joke, but come early 2022, apple with its iPhone 13 will be endangered if the South Korean manufacturer strikes with its Galaxy S22, S22 Plus, and S22 Ultra