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Netflix Now Allows iOS Users To Subscribe Directly Through Its App Again

Netflix will not allow iOS users to subscribe directly through its app again.

Apple has often been criticized for the 15-30% cut it takes from subscriptions done through its App Store payment system. Some companies like Spotify and Netflix have evaded paying the commission fees by removing the option to subscribe through their iOS apps.

Users would have to pay through the website, and then the premium privileges would get reflected on the iOS client. However, after three years of abandoning the App Store payment system, Netflix has now reimplemented the option to subscribe directly through the iOS app.

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Netflix iOS in app purchase

According to Bloomberg, Netflix now allows iOS users to subscribe directly through its app again. The popular streaming service had removed the option back in 2018, and users could only sign in to the app after creating an account on the web.

A banner stated that they apologize for the hassle, but signing up through the app is not possible. However, the banner didn’t reference the website because Apple’s guidelines ban developers from doing so. As such, users had to figure the process out by themselves.

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It’s unclear why Netflix has now decided to reimplement this payment method.

There have been some tensions between the streaming giant and Apple in the past, like not supporting the Apple TV app. But it seems like the two companies are on better terms now. It is yet to be seen whether Netflix will eventually add support for the Apple TV app as well or not.

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Vanessa Waithera
Vanessa Waithera
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