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Types of metrics for cryptocurrencies


Over the years, cryptocurrencies have attracted many investors’ interests due to their benefits over conventional currencies. The increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies has encouraged people across the globe to invest in them. Economies worldwide are taking steps to legalize digital currencies to strengthen their economy and increase the relevance of their financial assets.

  • Crypto valuation benchmarking: 

Before starting online crypto trading, investors should be aware of specific essential facts in the digital market. Online crypto trading can be difficult for beginners; click the crypto genius to know more about online trading.

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  • To better understand the market value of several cryptocurrencies, one needs to use crypto valuation metrics available in the business market.
  • These metrics help in examining the value of the current digital assets along with the upcoming assets.
  1. Market capitalization- is one of the most popular metrics used by most crypto exchange sites to analyze and compare crypto assets. Market capitalization is exclusively used by several websites dealing with crypto exchanges. The cryptocurrencies are ranked accordingly as per their market cap on these websites. It is easy to calculate and provides the customer with a rough idea of the gross market value of the cryptocurrency. To calculate the market capitalization of a specific digital asset, all one needs to know is the total supply of coins and the current trading price of the currency. The formula used is: Market Capitalization= total supply of coins × present trading price.
  2. Network value to transaction Ratio – the price of the coins in circulation at a specific time are added and estimated in the network value. The value of on-chain exchange activities is collected from blockchains and block discoverers. The network value of transaction ratio or NVT ratio analyses the importance of crypto exchanges concerning the dollar. NVT ratio is of great use while calculating network value to transaction ratio.
  3. Realized capitalization – while particular coin loses their market identities with time and lose their worth, the market cap metrics identifies their value without judging their validity in the current market scenario. Realized capitalization solves this problem by removing the value of coins that are no longer a part of the business market. Its value analyzes coins in the original economy by the realized cap.
  • The five types of metrics that one must know!

Metrics help investors to make decisions such as to hold, sell or purchase digital currencies. The five types of metrics that every serious investor must know are:

ROI and risks, open-high-low-close value, amounts, speed and holder’s stats.

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  1. ROI and risks – return on investments or ROI calculate the amount of return on a digital currency investment, close to its value. Return on investments is calculated by profit÷ cost.  Any digital asset with lower volatility is more stable than the rest present in the market.
  2. Open-high-low-close prices – OHLC is a bar graph that depicts the open, higher, lower and closing values for a digital currency at a particular time.
  3. Holder’s stats – some crucial metrics related to holders of cryptocurrency are;
  • Addresses that have been active for the last seven days
  • The final number of unique addresses that stores assets in the digital network
  • The higher addresses carry out exchanges by balance.
  1. Amounts – in the crypto market, many digital tokens are circulating in the hands of the public. The prices rise as the number lowers.
  2. Speed – this indicates the volume, speed and velocity. Volume is the exact amount of crypto exchanged at a particular time. The speed of a cryptocurrency calculates the rate at which crypto trading is taking place globally.


Metrics helps investors get a comprehensive scenario of the crypto market, which allows them to choose the right asset to trade.

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