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How to Change Location on Tinder with Fake GPS 2021

Tinder is arguably the most popular dating App currently. Since the App went live it has been downloaded in millions which has in turn led to the inception of numerous relationships. Tinder matches its users worldwide by swiping right if interested in another user. Unlike some dating apps, a user’s location on Tinder can be  changed to any location of one’s desire. The location of a user enables one to control the people they can match with by adjusting the proximity(km) of other users from their location. UltFone iOS Location Changer shows a user how to change location on dating apps. UltFone location changer is a software that allows users to change or hide their real location in social networks.

How to change location on tinder. 

Shows users on tinder how to change location into that of their desire.It makes the process of changing the location easier. With just a few steps , one is able to modify or fake the location.

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It has several other benefits including  allowing one to access location-restricted AR games. Once a user has changed their location, it allows for smooth transition into accessing tools not available in their current location. One is now able to play games that have location restrictons.

Furthermore, UltFone iOS Location changer enables one to simulate a path between two places.

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You can choose your own route and speed, and you can travel anywhere in the world. One can rely on this tool to get the job done regardless of which iPhone model you’re using.

There are various methods to change location on tinder;

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1.Using a fake the GPS on Tinder for iPhone

This is how you can change the location using fake GPS;

Open the UltFone iOS Location Changer . The default mode is Change Location. Accept the disclaimer and clock on the ‘Enter’ button.

Connect you iPhone to the PC using a cable.

Search for a fake address and verify that location. Tap ‘Start to Modify.’

After this the Tinder app will start using the fake location. This allows one to meet more people from different communities and geographical locations.

2.Using Tinder Passport to spoof location

Users of Tinder with Tender Plus and Tinder Gold subscriptions have access to the Tinder Passport feature that allows them to change their location.

To spoof Tinder location using Tinder Passport;

Go to the App settings and click on ‘Location.’

Click on ‘Add new location. ‘

Type the location of your choice on the search bar.

Click on your location when it appears on the pop up.

Click the blue banner to change location.

3.Using a VPN to fake location on Tinder

There is the option of using a VPN to change location on Tinder. VPN enables one to hide their location as well as unblock restricted access. Your data is protected as well. NordVPN is recommended for use.

How to use the NordVPN;

Download the NordVPN from the App store.

Open the app and register or login with your details.

Once you are logged in click on QuickConnect

The app will automatically connect you to several servers.

To connect to a specific location scroll down and select the location.


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