Future Google Messages update could work better with iMessages.


A current Google Messages replacement is reportedly working on a solution to deal with iMessage response messages.

Android users are familiar with the message “liked [insert text here],” because whenever a friend with an iPhone uses reactions in a conversation, you get a lengthy message about the text.

When iPhone users use iMessage to communicate with one another, these reactions appear as emojis. Nonetheless, on Android, you will see a message that writes out the response used and quotes the textual content to which the iPhone user responded.

9to5 Google dug deep into the APK for the most recent beta replacement to Google Messages and discovered that Google is working on a solution to deal with these messages. According to the code, Google Messages will be able to intercept an iMessage response and convert it to an emoji.

Google Messages now has an RCS option when you’re speaking to another Android user who has the feature enabled, allowing you to respond to those messages similarly to iMessage. Google may try to match these reactions with iMessage’s, but it’s unclear.

According to the APK breakdown, Google Messages will also provide birthday reminders that appear instantly in conversations. For this feature to work, you’ll most likely need to add the customer’s birthday to your Google Contacts listing. Then, while you’re chatting with someone, you’ll see a banner reminding you that it’s that person’s birthday.