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WHATSAPP’S hidden codes that you can enter to unlock special features.

by Yvone Kendi
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In a video, a TikTok user who specializes in technical tips revealed some of these magical SMS tricks.

Every day, tens of billions of WhatsApp texts are sent – you need something unique to stand out.

How to Make Italics in WhatsApp Text

Similarly, you can make WhatsApp messages italics, which is great for emphasis: italics.

You must use an underscore on either side of the word or phrase you want to change, as shown below: _text goes here_

How to Change the Font in WhatsApp

You can also switch your messages to a secret monospace font.

A monospaced font is one in which each letter and character takes up the same amount of horizontal space.

First, look for the backtick icon, which looks like a reverse apostrophe. Simply hold down the apostrophe icon on your phone and it will appear.

Then, place three of those before and after your message, like this: “`text goes here“`

This will make your message monospace.

How to Scale size an emoji

When you send a single emoji, it will be displayed in a large size for the recipient.

However, flanking the emoji with a single star on either side will make it smaller.

This means it will be reduced to the same size as an emoji in a regular text message.

As a result, the message would be: * emoji *

How to Bold WhatsApp Text

Bolding text is an excellent way to draw attention to a specific word or phrase: bold.

It can also make a message stand out in a group chat, which is useful in group chats.

All you have to do is put an asterisk on either side of the word or phrase you want to emphasize, as shown below: *Insert text here*

This will make your message stand out to you and everyone else who sees it.

How to do a WhatsApp text strikethrough

The strikethrough feature creates a line that runs the length of your text: strikethrough.

It is typically used to indicate that something is incorrect or should be ignored.

To get a strikethrough, insert a tilde (the squiggly line symbol) on either side of your message, as shown: ~text goes here~

Unfortunately, it is not possible to underline text on WhatsApp: underline.

The company simply hasn’t added the feature, which means you’ll just have to settle for the other formatting methods instead.

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