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How to See Song Lyrics on Spotify.

Viewing lyrics while listening to music on a computer or mobile device is a pleasurable experience. If you use Spotify, regardless of whether you use the desktop or mobile client, you can now find the lyrics to your favorite songs in Spotify. It could be a pleasant surprise for users who enjoy singing along with the lyrics while listening to their favorite music and artists.

What Exactly Are Spotify Lyrics?

Spotify lyrics are a relatively new feature that allows you to access full lyrics while listening to your favorite songs. This feature allows you to see the full lyrics as they are sung. Furthermore, this feature is available to all free and premium users worldwide on iOS and Android devices, desktops, gaming consoles, and smart TVs.

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How to View Spotify Lyrics

How to View Lyrics on Spotify for iPhone and Android

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  • Open Spotify on your phone and select a playlist to play.
  •  At the bottom of the screen, tap the Now Playing bar.
  • Swipe down to see the song lyrics, which scroll in real-time as the music plays.
Tap "Lyrics" on the song page in the Spotify mobile app.

How to View Lyrics on Spotify for PC and Mac

  • Launch opening Spotify in your web browserand begin playing any track, album, or playlist you want.
  •  While the music is playing, click the microphone icon in the Now Playing bar.
Click the "Lyrics" option in Spotify.
  •  You’ll then see track lyrics that scroll in real-time as you listen to music on Spotify.

How to Watch Lyrics on Spotify on a Smart TV

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  • To play music, turn on the TV and launch the Spotify for TV app.
  • Enter the Now Playing View screen for a song.
  • To enable lyrics on Spotify, go to the right corner and tap the lyrics button.
  • When enabled, begin viewing the track lyrics while the song is playing.
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