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The app industry is booming, and Apple continues to outperform Google

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 Its #Techtember and, therefore, various tech industries are evaluating their achievements and performance for the current year. Sensor being among one of the notable firms, it has recently released its consumer analysis report on respective Android and iOS stores.

There is a 19.7% rise in Mobile usage whereby users of mobiles have to spend $133 billion this year alone compared with  $ 111.1 billion from the previous year.

The Apple store has once again beaten the Android Play store hands down with $85.1 billion spent on Apps on its store compared to  Google’s Play Store’s 47.9 billion. On the other hand, the latter is growing faster with  a 3.5 percent increase than its opponent 

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In comparison to iOS, Android has a higher application installation rate. According to Sensor Tower, the Play Store received 111.3 billion app downloads, compared to 32.3 billion from the App store. Also, the most profitable applications as seen from both platforms include Tiktok, whereby the publisher made $3 billion in November of last year, a 67 percent increase over the previous year.

On the App Store, Tiktokm is the Most downloaded app (745 million downloads), while on the android store, Facebook takes the lead with ( 501 million installs).

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