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How to clear your cache, cookies on your Android phone’s web browser.

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Want your web browser lean and running efficiently?

The larger the size of your browser’s cache, the more bloated your browser app becomes with data from websites you may no longer be visiting.

On Android, the steps vary slightly depending on the phone and web browser app you’re using.

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how to clear this data on Google’s Chrome which is often the default for many Android phones

  •  clear your cookies and cache from the Android version of Google Chrome by first tapping the More button in the top-right corner of the browser, then History, and finally Clear browsing data.
  • Alternatively, you can clear data by selecting privacy and security from the Chrome settings, then Clear browsing data.

Chrome then provides Basic and Advanced options for deleting your browsing history, cookies and site data, and Cached images and files.

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 You can also use the Time range drop-down to select whether to delete the entire history or just the last 24 hours to the last four weeks.

If you select Advanced, you will be able to delete saved passwords, Autofill form data, and Site settings. 

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After you’ve chosen what you want to delete, tap the blue Clear data button, and it will delete without any further prompts, so just make sure you’re zapping exactly what you want to zap.

How to clear data on Samsung’s Internet browser (often the default on the Galaxy phone series) 

After you’ve opened Settings, go to Apps, then scroll down to and tap Samsung Internet. Then select Storage.

Clear cache and Clear data are separate options at the bottom of Storage. Clear cache deletes the cache immediately, but Clear data displays a warning that all of the application’s data, including files, settings, accounts, and databases, will be permanently deleted.

This will have you using Samsung’s internet browser brand new.

How you can clear the cookies and cache on Mozilla Firefox.

From within the Mozilla Firefox Android app, you can clear the cookies and cache. To get there, tap the More button on the right of the address bar, which is again represented by three vertical dots. Then, on the Settings screen, scroll down to Delete browsing data.

Firefox provides the most options under the Delete browsing data menu, allowing you to delete any existing Open tabs, your Browsing history and site data, Site permissions, and even your Downloads folder, in addition to Cookies and Cached images and files.

Be specific regarding what type of data you would like to remove, perhaps you just want to delete the cookies.

Firefox also has an option for those who do not want their browsing data to be saved after they have finished using the app. Within Settings, there is a Delete browsing data on quit option, which instructs Firefox to delete any combination of these settings every time you exit the application. It’s a useful feature for those who want to keep their browser clean and avoid accidentally giving their browser history to someone who has stolen or otherwise gained access to their phone.

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