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Minecraft Is YouTube’s Most Popular Game, With Record-Breaking Views.

Minecraft is the first game to have one trillion views on YouTube.

The game is on the same list as Grand Theft Auto and Tetris. Meanwhile, Minecraft has reached a new milestone, which no other game has ever done.

On Wednesday, YouTube announced that this sandbox survival game had officially surpassed one trillion views. Meanwhile, 1 trillion views is a huge number; however, given the popularity of Minecraft and its views on online streaming platforms, this comes as no surprise.

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How Mojang and YouTube are commemorating Minecraft’s success

Minecraft’s record-breaking views on the streaming platform are yet another achievement for the game, which is being celebrated in a variety of ways. 

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Here’s how Mojang and YouTube are commemorating Minecraft’s trillionth view.

  • A Minecraft-themed YouTube makeover: an animated YouTube logo to commemorate the game’s 1 trillion views on YouTube.
  • A new perspective on Minecraft trends: The YouTube Culture & Trends website has a Minecraft landing page. The dedicated Minecraft page contains a wealth of information about the game, such as developers, culture, and creators.
  • YouTube creator skin pack: The pack, which includes Minecraft skins inspired by the streaming platform’s most popular Minecraft creators, is free to download from the Minecraft marketplace.
  • Minecraft community events: YouTube is releasing playlists of fan-favorite moments from the past, such as the most-watched Minecraft videos. In addition, YouTube has released a video featuring several well-known Minecraft creators.

The game’s community has over 35,000 active creator channels on YouTube spread across 150 countries, making this a larger celebration than it appears. Mojang also revealed at Minecraft Live 2021 that the game has grown in terms of scale and community over time, garnering more views on the streaming platform.

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